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Betrayal in the family

Everything was fine and kosher, until we go to leave from my sister’s house my sister waves goodbye to me, and I wave goodbye to her, then it happened.

A threw up her gang symbols, I was thinking to myself oh shit maybe she I learned it from her ex, or she seen it somewhere. Maybe she did to piss my sister off, no then the big one happened, she pulled out her bandana and tied it around her head.
I was waiting for it to go down, I looked at my sister, she looked hurt, she tells me and get out of here, and don’t you ever come back! This is how he betray our family! Then she said now I’m turning my back on you and she slammed the door in my face.

We leave, I asked her in the van, what the hell was you thinking what was that? She wouldn’t say anything. I said, you knew, I told you, you knew my sister and family were from the opposite game and you go on the property interrupt years signs! Are you seriously trying to start up a turf war and pull me into the middle of it!

Finally says I’m sorry. I said I just lost my whole family because of what you did, and all you can say is I’m sorry.
She says I will make it up to you. I said how? She pulls over at a old diner parking lot and kisses me smiling, are actual first kiss. I tell her wow didn’t see that one coming. She says I’m so sorry babe for lying to you about being in the game but I thought if you need the truth you won’t want to be with me. I said yeah, that’s a big problem now, I lost everything, when you did what you did.
She smiles at me again, and said, I will make it up to you, I promise. She starts to drive again. I asked her where are we going to? She says you will soon see. We get to the lake and she asked me for one of my cigars, okay, so I hand her one, she takes it in she uses her finger to open it up the side.I say what the hell that wasn’t a cheap cigar that was a damn $3 cigar she says, calm down, it will be okay.

She reaches into her purse and takes out a plastic bag of green stuff. And puts it in the cigar. I said, I guess you’re making what my sister would call a blunt? She says yes I am, wait a minute you never smoke one? I said hell, no I tried it to stay away from it A in get ready to light up. She tells me well you will smoke it with me. I said if my sister can’t get me to smoke it what makes you think you can? She says, because I’m cute, well she’s got me there she was cute and damn cute, and her purple hair just made it out that much worse, that’s why I nicknamed her my purple haired beauty.
She lights it up, and hits it and hands it to me and I hit my first joint ever. Thinking to myself, this might not be such a good thing what in the hell am I doing with her I betrayed my family for her, I’m smoking weed with her. We’re getting probably high she tells me let’s go into the backseat of my van. I said okay.

She tells me to lay flat on my back on the back seat, she sits next to me and I’m betting on the zips of my jeans and pulls out my hard cock, she takes off her purple shirt, to reveal a purple bra she takes off her purple bra, oh boy, I smell at her her nipples were so perfect. I asked her? What size? She said, 38 C s, I thought to myself that I really betray my family for a set of 38c nipples. She got up on top of me took my hard cock and put it into her pussy and start to ride me, after seeing her hard nipples I didn’t hold out long and she rode me she made me come and want her to ride me again. She put her purple bra back on and her purple shirt back on. And I put my cock away and button and zipped up my jeans. And we leave. We stop at the local Subway on the way home, then the Dollar general store then we get ready to leave to the family Dollar store, I asked her where to next babe? She smiles at me and she kisses me, and she says home she says the minute I get you home I’m going to Fuck your brains out, she sad to tell you babe the truth what we did back there at the lake that was the first time, I ever had white up in me. So we’re on our way to the house, and her phone ring I don’t hear the conversation but it don’t sound too good she’s doing a lot of yelling and screaming, she hangs up the phone.

I asked her baby who was on the phone? She’s crying, she said that was K he said if me and his son don’t come back he will have us killed. Phone rings again, I asked her is that him? She says yes I pick up the phone who the hell are you bitch! He said Im Ks man, I start lol, the last time I looked bitch she was with me. He said keep it up and I promise you I will do the same thing to you that I told her I would do to her and my son. Again, I laughed at him and said I will make it easy on your ass..I’m at 184 ave, and ask for me my name is badass Billy G, okay bitch I m on my way.
She looks at me nearly crying what did you do to me, I look at her, I asked her, do you trust me? She says yes through her tears, I tell her stop crying, stop it, stop it now hand me your phone, she says my cell why? I said you said you trust me. She I do as she hands me her cell, I call a number and said it me and there a dude coming through town is going to ask for me show our guests to the usual place, I’ll be waiting for you..I asked her does he know where the house is?. she said no, I tell her drive to the house we get to the house I tell leave the engine running and go and unlock the door, she does. I drive to the meeting place
1 hour later,. my boys show up

I asked them were he is, they said in the back of the car I said get our guest out,. they get him out he’s sanding in front of me I have one boy on one side and the other boy on the other side.

I tell you sure like running your mouth I have a problem with you I said he made àqqqq girl cry! He said that bitch will always be mine. I look at my boys and say with a smile, he thinks she’s still with him. LOL, I look back at him, bitch you I don’t even know where she is. I said, yo bitch ass comes into my town, my town and you have the nerve to threaten me, and make my girl cry.

I have a old rule he mess with me, I mess with you. You fuck with my family, and I will fuck your world up I promise. He gets into my face, what are you going to do about it white boy? I look above my boys, and I laugh Cagnea and the bitch spits in my face. One of my boys, hits him in the stomach, he doubles over in pain,.I said these gentleman’s are going to introduce them selfs to you and you will never forget the name of Badass Billy G

I tell them to hold him still I hit. I said Cagnea this is for A and I hit his.bitch.ass again. I said get his bitch ass out of here.. one boys said what do we want us to do with him? I said,.I don’t know and I don’t care.. they were both walking him to the car.

And I said hold up, I know a good place to take him he should feel right at home back to the country he came from taking to the zoo. They put them in the car, and they leave.

I get back in her van, and I head back to her house. So go into the house and she asked me, it’s a taken care of? I said yes. She walks me to our bedroom, of course it’s her bedroom before I got there, and it’s all done up in purple.

We are kissing on the bed, and it’s been about 2 hours since the boys left, and her cell rings, she answers it. Is badass Billy G there she says hold on, somebody wants to talk to you and hands me the phone, hello, the voice on the other end says it’s done. How did you get this number? He says he’s cell when we took it . He said we left him at, I interrupted him I told him, I told you I didn’t want to know what happened to him. He said it’s funny though, I put it this way last time we saw him I guess he must have felt like he was in deepest darkest Africa back home, trying to get up a tree when a orange and white with black stripes cat had him at the top of the tree and it was waiting for him at the bottom of the tree. I said okay I’ll meet you at the usual spot in a couple hours and give you guys your money, thank you and I hung up..A said he really really gone? I said yeah. So you won’t bother me our my son again? I said no. They told you something because you said you didn’t want to know. Yep. What did he say?.I’m not sure something about being up in a.tree.with.a orange and white with black stripes cat waiting at the bottom of the tree, said that he look like he felt like he was in deep as dark as Africa that he was back home.

First time I seen her smile in a long time she kissed me and she pushed me I’m down on my back, and she climbed up on top of me. What what are you doing? She say, you we’ll see. She unbuttons and unzips my jeans and gets my cock out.
I told you I was going to Fuck your brains out!. My cock.started to get hard as she stopped up and.took her jeans off and threw them on the floor she took her purple shirt off and through it on the floor, she took off her purple bra, and threw it on the floor. There were those perfect nipples one more time. She take off her purple thong and throws it on the floor.

She straddle me and start to fuck me by riding and she is doing what she said she was going to do fuck my brains out. Oh my I have to be the first two minutes I’ve never ever been fucked before like I was she fuckin my brain out, I cum she keeps fuckin me all night and make me cum.3 more time and she finally cam.2. times

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