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Grandpa’s Love Bar _ 3

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All day I thought about Grandpa’s love bar and how I had kissed the tip and he had put the swollen head in my mouth. I had to really stretch my mouth open to take the head but it tasted good a little salty and strange tasting but I got use to it. Then when Grandpa squirted his love into my mouth and told me to swallow , that was awesome and there was so much of it. I liked the taste it was really yummy and I couldn’t hardly wait for the day to pass and everyone went to bed. After dinner everyone watched tv for a bit then it was 9 o’clock bed time and everyone went to their rooms.
After about an hour Grandpa opened my door and snuck into my room, I flicked my reading light on so I could watch him drop his pj bottom and his hard old cock stood straight out ready for me. He stood there for a minute letting me look at his big love bar then he slipped into my bed and started to kiss my lips. He had a bigger mouth then me and scratchy stubble but I liked it all the same and thought I was a very big girl making out with an old man. Grandpa kissed my neck and pinched and rolled my nipples with his fingers, then he slid down a little and started sucking on my little pink nipples. I really had no titties just a little bump around my nipples so he sucked hard on them making shivers run through my little body right down to my hairless pussy.
It felt so good and my little pussy was getting wet I could feel it leaking out of me. Grandpas fingers rubbed over the outside of my pussy and they got all wet then he brought them up and suck all the wetness off of them. He offered me some and I took a suck on one of his fat fingers tasting my pussy for the first time. I thought I tasted pretty good. Grandpa rubbed my little pussy some more and the longer he did it the wetter I got until finally I thought I was gonna pee myself and I told Grandpa.
He told me I wasn’t gonna pee myself but that I was gonna cum but I wasn’t to sure all I knew it was gonna happen any sec
Grandpa said he would take care of it just in case and he pulled me over on top on him putting my pussy right down on his mouth and licked my tiny slit. That was it I couldn’t stop it I squirted out some pee right in Grandpas mouth and he didn’t even push me away. He just held me tight right there on his mouth as my little body shook and trembled and a strange feeling rushed through me. Then I almost passed out and I guess I peed a little more when my body relaxed. I was embarrassed but Grandpa just sucked and licked my pussy making me feel better. I told Grandpa I wanted to kiss his love bar and he lay me back down on the bed down near where it was sticking out.
It was big, long and hard and I loved the way it looked and felt and I gave it a big kiss right on the tip where the gooey stuff was leaking out. Grandpa started stroking it and told me to open my mouth and let the head go in. So just like last night I took the big swollen head into my mouth and licked it with my tongue as Grandpa stroked it hard up and down. It was long before Grandpa told me to get ready to swallow and then a hard jet of love squirted into my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed until it was all down in my stomach. Grandpa squeezed it and stroked it getting all of his love for me into my mouth so I could enjoy it. Then we snuggled for a little while and Grandpa went back up to his room and I went to sleep.
I loved what Grandpa had done to me but I thought it was weird that he wanted me to pee in his mouth like that but if thats what Grandpa liked then I would do it.

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