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a new adventure with Lorraine and Mary again “5

having my first three some with Mary and Lorraine was awe some
That was fun,” I said to Loraine and Mary when they finally stopped hugging and kissing one another.“I feel awfully lucky to have my first girl,girl, three some with you two beautiful women. I don’t think I will ever sleep having you two in bed with me tonight”.

They both looked at each other , then Loraine said “sleep ,there will be no sleeping tonight “and laughed. “From what Mary has told me ,you will fill both of us and still want more,but I need a drink now”, she said.Loraine helped me up, wrapping her arms around me while pulling her body tight against me.

“I like this guy”she said to Mary and laid her head on my chest “I am glad you can share”. She then kissed my neck then said “ I am glad Rick likes him too,I have never had sex with a guy without him being there to at least watch”.

We both helped Mary to her feet and together we walked to the kitchen for drinks.”I thought you two played with other couples”Mary said “didn’t you swap partners”? Mary got the glasses while I poured the wine”he never let you be with a man alone”. Mary asked, sounding concerned “he has sex with me when you are not there to watch. I wouldn’t care if you wanted to be alone to fuck Bob”, she said “as long as I had his dick to play with when you were done”.

I held up my glass tapping Mary’s ” I might be a little jealous ,but if I knew them and you brought me back a cum filled pussy I would be fine”.

Mary kissed me “I would never fuck some one with out you knowing,”then snuggled against me.

When we all sat down at the table I asked Mary “was Rick like that with you”? I then said “ you knew him for a long time and he doesn’t mind letting you stay with me”. I then turned to Loraine

“ I was surprised that he let you come here with us”I said to Loraine”but I am sure glad he did”.

“So” Lorraine said to me “when did you realize that you were bisexual ,or have you always liked sucking cocks.Do you remember the first time that you tasted sperm”?

I got up and got us some more wine, then stood by Loraine and opened my robe. I started stroking my cock and said “I always liked mine.When I was young the neighbor boys and I would run naked through the woods,and go swimming naked in the stream.We would then sit back and admire each other’s cocks,and how different they were.

Since I was the oldest, mine seemed to be bigger than most we often would hold our cocks together to compare the difference.

Sometimes the girls would come by and catch us playing with our cocks and sit around and watch.We tried to get them to strip and play with us ,but they never did .

“Okay”Mary said, reaching out for my cock,”us girls were pretty young back then.Not to say that we didn’t leave and go play with ourselves,we just didn’t didn’t want you guys to see us naked.We would talk about your cocks and even chose which one of yours we like to play with.Do you remember Amy, she chose your’s and I liked Ricks ,but it took a while for us to try it.

We did see Rick walking into the woods one day when Amy and I were out back in the yard. We decided to follow him hoping to see him naked and maybe play with his cock. She went home to tell her mother that we were going to go for a walk. I couldn’t wait and took off following Rick ,I caught up with him and he was still alone,and naked .

I so wanted to suck his cock and when he saw me he motioned me to come over. I liked the feel of his cock and was just about ready to suck it ,but you came by”.She then looked at me and squeezed my cock.” I was embarrassed and left but didn’t go far . I met up with Amy and told her that you were there too and decided we would go back. We stopped when we saw you drop to your knees in front of Rick and took a hold of his cock. Without even hesitating you started sucking Rick’s cock,while Amy and I stood back and just watched.We thought you were gay and decided since you two had nice cocks we had to do something ,so we went back. Amy said she would play with your cock, and I would do Rick but when we returned both of you were gone.Amy did tell me for sure you were not gay,and that you took her virginity later on that summer

Lorraine after listening for a minute placed her hand on Mary’s head and pushed her head onto my cock. “I would have done both of them”she said “my first blow job was with two guys and I loved it. They were my older cousins and once when I saw them jerking off looking at some pictures and they caught me.Their cocks weren’t that big, but still they were the first ones I had seen . When they motioned me to come closer, I did even though I shouldn’t have because they were my cousins. They had me kneel down and suck their hard cocks one by one until each one came in my mouth.I was fifteen and only knew that I liked it ,I liked it so much I did it with them many times after that.

So while Mary was sucking my cock Loraine kissed me pushing her tongue deep in my mouth.She didn’t have too but she moved my hand down to her pussy for me to rub.Of course I didn’t hesitate to start fingering her and when I did she laid her head on my shoulder. She whispered “so was Rick you first cock you sucked and did you like it”?

She then kissed my neck while running her hand up my body ,was Rick the only cock that you have sucked” she asked me.”My cousins were not the only guys I sucked,but the first one’s I fucked, and we fucked a lot that summer”.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming, so I backed away from Mary’s mouth.”Lets go to the bedroom”I said “I will tell you more. I then helped Mary up and gave her a kiss “tell me a little more about Amy”

Well she didn’t tell me about Amy because when we walked into the bedroom She saw a mirror that I put on the wall by the bed.She immediately laid down spread her legs towards the mirror,”it does look good enough to eat”she said . When Loraine flopped down between her legs she said “I always told you it was”. She then slid Mary’s legs over her shoulders and dove into pussy like she hadn’t had it in years.

“Damn ,you just had her for lunch “I said “I was hoping she was going to be my snack”. So seeing that Loraine was face deep in Mary. And they both were liking it, I just sat on the end of the bed and watched. Mary motioning me to go down on Lorraine,then grabbed her head holding it tighter on her pussy. She then turned again to the mirror ,smiled then took a deep breath.

I wasted no time parting her lips with my thumb while my hands spread her ass cheeks.Once I was in a comfortable place I lowered one hand feeling around in her juicy hole.I had two fingers inside her and could have easily had three, she was that sloppy loose. I had my hand turned to where I was collecting her juices in my palm .I would lick it into my mouth then tongued my way up along her thin lips.

I knew somewhere in the beautiful pussy was a gee spot and was combing all around inside her hoping to find it. When I finally found it Loraine took her mouth away from Mary letting out a long sigh..I was on a mission when I felt her pussy tighten against my fingers, a mission to hear her screaming for me to stop. I could tell rubbing that gee spot would get her to tell me to fuck so I continued to finger fuck her .

Every time I hit that spot she would gasp then push her hips up against my face. Licking up and down between her lips was making her juices flow, each time a lot more warmer.I licked and rubbed her gee spot for at least 10 straight minutes when she had enough and said “ just fuck me now”.She let go of Mary and began moving up over her ,again she saying“fuck me”. I still kept my mouth on her pussy while she moaned and laid her head on Mary’s chest . Hearing her beg for my cock as she was moving up was all I needed to hear.

Lorraine was expecting me to dive right in and fuck her, but I didn’t. Instead I tickled her lips with the head of my cock. Before I slipped it in I slid it up and down against her wet pussy more several times.

I could see that Mary had her hands on Lorraine’s head guiding her to each nipple and smiling at me. Every time Lorraine would take her mouth off a nipple and moan, Mary would kiss her.Seeing those two kissing passionately was quite the turn on for me, it’s not every day that one could witness that.

When I finally slipped my cock into Lorraine I went in all the way and she let out a long moan then laid her head down on Mary. Slowly I moved my cock in and out of her but only a little at a time , wanting the head to rest on the gee spot. When I managed to do that she shook and trembled and cried out” fuck” before sucking on Mary’s neck .

This went on for quite awhile and her juices were really flowing when I picked up a steady speed.With in minutes Mary was starting to get tired of Lorraine’s sucking on her neck and hearing her begging me to cum.”Do it honey”she said to me “fill her with cum,you have lasted longer than any one else has.Fill her beautiful pussy”Mary said ,then began to kiss Lorraine again, when I pushed my cock as deep as I could I healed it there.

My legs trembled more than they ever had when I was filling a pussy with cum.Then again I have never made love to two women at one time. It seemed like I pushed my cock deeper inside Lorraine than I ever had, and felt it slip through a tighter spot. I also think I gave her more cum than I ever had given any one else.The longer my cock stayed deep inside her the more my legs trembled and shook and the more she seemed to like it..

By the time I had empty my load inside her the two girls were just laying there breathing heavily,Lorraine’s eyes were closed but had a big smile on her face. Mary was smiling too giving Lorraine kisses and rubbing her back,both seemed content.

Even after I stopped cumming it seemed that her pussy didn’t want my cock to leave. I had to give her a little tug before it popped out of her, but I went down to kiss Mary she quickly moved. She went straight to Lorraine when she rolled on her back leaving me to lay down beside her and watch.

I kissed Lorraine while Mary kissed and licked up my cum that was dripping down her sloppy pussy.Lorraine wasn’t that interested in what Mary was doing instead she put her hand on my chest and smiled. She whispered to me”that was the best orgasm that I ever had, thank you”.

We continued to kiss all while Mary was licking up my cum,then turned her head when Mary moved up over her. She then stopped and let my cum drip out into Lorraine’s open mouth, they kissed and Mary went back for more.Lorraine then turned back and kissed me all while her tongue was placing my cum inside me.

That went on through several more mouthfuls from Mary until she then grabbed the blanket and moved up alongside me. They both rolled over and laid beside me with their legs over mine and Mary said “let’s rest, you were awesome”.Their resting was just to lay there talking to each other about me while moving their hands around on my body while I listened.

They were talking about how so much different I was than Rick,and how they would rather have me. I almost fell asleep but the next chapter is how I was kept awake..

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