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A Night to Remember

I graduated from college in 2005, and at that time it was very popular to go abroad for further studies, so my parents asked me to join the army. After choosing for a long time, I finally decided to go to France, the legendary country of romance. At that time, there were two places in China where the French embassies were located, and visas could only be issued in Beijing and Wuhan, because Beijing was too far away from my city.
The agency enrolled me in French classes, and every day was a dull day of learning French, which made me feel extremely miserable to think that I had to learn French for three months. After about a week or so, a new student came to my class, and I was so impressed that I could see why. I think it’s about 170 or so, which makes me, a 172 loser, feel a little inferior in front of her, haha. I’m not sure how many guys we had in the whole language class, and I thought I looked pretty handsome, so I volunteered to help the goddess with her homework before, and I forgot to say that I was the best in our class, and the teacher praised me every day, hehe.

After a few days of contact, I found that the goddess is a very cheerful person, and her name has the word Yan, let’s call her Yan. After graduation, she went to Guangzhou to work, because she felt that her job was not very ideal, and she had dreams of going abroad since college, plus her family was also more supportive, so she came to learn the language. I tutored her for about an hour every day, mainly just talking about pronunciation and emphasizing the grammar and tenses of the verbs I had learned. She has a boyfriend who broke up with her and is still single. She lives with a friend in a family home not far from Wuhan Polytechnic (our language classes are in Wuhan Polytechnic), but her friend often goes to her boyfriend’s house to hang out, so she lives alone most of the time, I joked. If you are scared at night, I will stay with you, and Yeon also smiled and said yes.

When the language class was coming to an end, someone in our class suggested that we go to have a meal together to celebrate and to get to know each other, and everyone readily agreed. The group, led by a Wuhan native, went to a very famous hot pot restaurant in Hankou to eat hot pot. The peculiar thing about this hot pot restaurant, or so many in Wuhan, is that if you eat hot pot, the beer designated by the restaurant is free, so feel free to drink it. It’s a great way to celebrate, but it’s also a great way to get drunk, because I’m from the north and I can drink, so it’s a great way to get drunk. It was 11 o’clock at night after the meal, but it was summer, so it was easier to take a taxi, so we assigned a group of 2 to go back, and I volunteered to drive Yeon, but they were still sober, and they started a ruckus, saying that I was up to no good (actually I was a bit like that).

When I arrived at the family home I rented, it was past 1:00 am, so I helped her all the way up to the 5th floor. When I told Yeon that I was leaving, she grabbed me and told me not to leave because she was afraid of the dark. I was really sleepy, so I took Yeon’s clothes off and left her in her panties. I fell asleep, and fell asleep, and fell asleep. The next day we woke up late, Yeon woke up first, she woke up and woke me up, I thought I could continue yesterday’s unfinished business, who knows just about to do it, she stopped me, said, no matter what happened to us last night, I will not blame you, now the alcohol has passed, you go. I called a depressed ah, the heart said the most important thing has not done it, so go, but also do not dare to strong on, who knows whether people will sue me for rape it, now think about, if I insist on insisting, maybe there is drama, because I can be sure that she is good for me.

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