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Uncle Dak

I was 10 when my Aunt married my Uncle Daksh. We called him Dak. He was from India. I knew him since I was 6 when they started dating. My dad died the year before and I saw him as a second father. My Aunt couldn’t have kids, so they treated me as their daughter. My Mom worked to support us so I was always over at their house.

Dak and I would always do stuff together. He would take me fishing and do other outdoorsy stuff. He and I were close.

So it all started with innocent touching. He would touch my crotch when he lifted me up. He would blow raspberries on my lower belly close to my crotch. I liked it.

The first night he touched me I fell asleep on his chest while watching a movie. I woke up to him positioning me on my back. I pretended to be asleep. He bent my legs and spread them wide. His hand was on my belly and he moved it inside my pajama bottoms. His finger touched my pussy. It made me uncomfortable and my legs locked and my body cringed. He kissed my head and shushed me several times telling me it was ok. My Aunt got back from where ever she went and he quickly pulled his hand out of my underwear and repositioned me. My Aunt suggested he cover me up and gave him a blanket. He covered me and his hand went down my undies again and was feeling my ass. His finger went between my legs as I squirmed and moaned uncomfortably. He shushed me softly and told me I was a good girl.

Next time, we were in my bedroom and he was asking me questions about body parts to see if I knew them. He was a doctor and said he wanted to teach me anatomy. He finally pointed to my crotch and asked me what that was.

“My pee pee.”, I said and giggled. He laughed.

“What is it really called?”, he asked. I shrugged.

He asked me to take off my shorts and panties and said he would tell me what everything was down there. I got excited.

He had me lie down. He touched my pussy and described the various parts that make up a woman’s anatomy. He told me about “where the baby comes out” and stuck his thumb in me. I gasped. Even though I wasn’t expecting that his thumb filling my pussy felt good. Then he told me about my clitoris. How it can be rubbed or licked for stimulation. He licked it. My legs closed. I started feeling all these weird new feelings. It was uncomfortable at first but I got used to it. He was swishing his tongue on my clit. The sensation was wonderful. I started moaning. It was like I was in another world. It was so amazing. He started jamming his thumb into me. Finally this new feeling came over me. I was about to have my first orgasm. I moaned loudly as my legs clamped on his head. “Mmmmmm ah ah ahhhhhh”, I said. It was ecstasy. My whole body clenched and then went limp. He pulled his thumb out and looked at it. His thumb was soaked with my juices and a little blood. When I caught my breath I got up and hugged and kissed him. He laughed.

“I see you liked that?”, he asked

I nodded and smiled. I saw the huge bulge in his pants. “What do you have?”, I asked. I knew boys had dicks but never seen one in real life. He stood up and opened his pants. What I saw blew my mind. He had a big dick. He was 8 inches and thick. He was hard as a rock. My mouth dropped open.

“Come on. You can touch it. Don’t be shy.”, he said. He sat down.

I grabbed both sides and felt his dick up to his head. I was toying with his head trying to spread the opening apart.

“Ok now. Put it in your mouth.”, he said

I backed away and shook my head. “That’s gross!”, I said. He laughed.

“Come on now. I licked yours! I didn’t die. Please?”, he said. I reluctantly took his dick head into my mouth. I had my eyes closed thinking it was going to be gross as he put it into my mouth. It wasn’t. I tried to get as much of it into my mouth which wasn’t much past the head. “Good girl!”, he said. He gave me tips on how to suck dick. I was a little sloppy for my first time but got better with practice. I licked his tip as I sucked on his dick. He told me I was doing great.

He stopped me and told me he wanted to show me what it does. He started jacking off in front of me. I asked if I could do that and he let me. We did it together. After a few minutes he was about to come. His eyes shut and his face clenched as he moaned. “Mmmmm. Ahhh”, he said as white stuff shot out of his dick. My mouth dropped open in awe.

“What is that stuff?”, I asked

“Spermatozoa or simply sperm. It goes inside you and fertilizes your eggs and makes a baby.”, he said. I just stared at it. “Taste it.”, he said. I quickly shook my head. He laughed. “Come on! All girls swallow it.”, he said.

“I don’t want a baby!”, I said

“You don’t get pregnant by eating it!!”, he said laughing. I tried it. I tasted like salty raw eggs but weirdly I liked it. I tasted it and faked not liking it. I made a grossed out face. “Aw you don’t like it?”, he asked. I shook my head. “Why?”, he asked. I grabbed his dick and cleaned the head off. “Oh you liar!”, he said. I cleaned his cock off and smiled at him. He hugged me and spanked my butt for lying to him. I laughed. We were closer than ever now.

I have more tales of my childhood exploits with Dak and my girlfriend that I will share later.

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