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The Shark and Seal – Tourists in Hell Part 13

Two young tourist couples pick the wrong biker gang to mess with.

Ch. 13 – Petite Babe’s First Rape and the Boyfriend’s Deepening Humiliation


I watched, mesmerized, while a fresh wave of lust made the replenishing sperm in my testicles begin to churn. Killer positioned his thick, steel-hard shaft at petite babe’s fuck-hole and began to slowly sink himself into her tight yet slick pussy. I was guessing that he was going slow not out of any care or consideration for the girl, but because he wanted her to experience every agonizing moment of her first real rape.


Petite babe groaned, her tongue still nestled in her boyfriend’s asshole, while that raping shaft filled her pussy.

Killer got a rhythm going now. He slammed into her again and again. Her slender nakedness shook with each fuck. Fresh cheers rose from the bar. Catcalls and other mocking shouts pummeled the girl in time to the pummeling she received at the end of Killer’s cock.

“Now this is what I call one fine pussy,” Killer crowed with approval. A loud SMACK echoed in the bar as his hand slapped her left ass cheek. Meanwhile, the willowy brunette kept her face firmly burrowed between her pretty-boy’s ass cheeks. Lem hadn’t yet given her permission to stop the anal lick-fest of her boyfriend’s raped asshole.

But now Lem returned to the action. Grabbing the brunette’s short hair, he yanked hard and pulled her face up to meet his gaze.

“AYYY!!!” Bits of blood and cum seeped from the corners of the girl’s lips.

“Your bitch-boy still needs some comfort, slut. I want you to reach down with one of those free hands and start jacking him off. Think you can handle that? Call me ‘Master,’ bitch,” he added.

The miserable girl looked like she was trapped in a nightmare. She nodded weakly. Lem slapped her across the face.

“Speak up, whore!”

“Yes Master!” petite babe wailed.

“Good! And keep licking ass!” the biker lieutenant ordered.

The brunette nudged her face once more between those pale ass cheeks and continued worming her tongue deep into that anal crevice. Now, though, I could see her slip one arm underneath the table, her hand sliding to her boyfriend’s withered cock. She grasped it. Her fingers formed a tight fist around the base as she began to pump it. At first, there was no reaction. Soon enough, though, that shaft began to harden. Before long, the boyfriend’s cock had grown from flaccid to semi-firm to rigid as her hand did its miraculous work.

Lem walked around to the other side of the table and stared into the boyfriend’s tortured eyes.

“Yeah, your bitch-boy is LOVING it, cunt. Keep that up. You’re comforting him like a good girlfriend should.” Men nearby laughed at Lem’s comment. Petite babe kept up her attentions. Her delicate fingers worked tenderly along the length of the pretty-boy’s manhood. She jerked him with a dedication as his cock strained between her fingertips.

And all the while, Killer’s cock pounded her pussy. Petite babe shook with the force of his fucks. His pelvis slammed into her backside, his cock spearing into her helpless young pussy like a harpoon. I yearned for my cock to feel the velvety-soft vice of a cunt around it.

“Hey Gary, you want to try her out next?” Lem came over and slapped me on the back. His bearded face became animated with a vicious grin, now accompanied by a dark chuckle. But I saw five more Frost Demons waiting their turn with her. Even if I didn’t want to violate my strict policy of neutrality, of not actively participating in any of the biker gang’s criminal acts (looking the other way was another matter), I had no desire to create any resentment between me and their rank-and-file. No, I would stay clear of the fray – at least for now.

“I appreciate the offer, Lem,” I grunted, “but I’m good for now.”

“Suit yourself,” Lem replied. He now walked back up to the head of the table where the boyfriend still lay bent over, wrists tied behind his back, huffing and gasping while his girlfriend jerked his cock. Lem’s big cock swayed as he walked. He hadn’t even bothered to clean his manhood of the traces from the boyfriend’s ass.

“You know what, bitch-boy, I need to take a piss and I don’t feel like walking all the way to the bathroom. Think you can help me with that?” He waited for those awful words to sink in. The boyfriend’s face crumpled with horror and disgust. “Besides, I think you owe me. Your hot bitch of a girlfriend is giving that cock of yours another good time on my orders. First her pussy squeezed out a batch of your ball-juice, and soon her talented fingers are going to let you finish with an encore. I think showing proper gratitude is the least you can do, don’t you?”

“Please…” the boyfriend wheezed, probably fighting off the lust churning in his own balls while he stared at his rapist’s cock and testicles. “Please don’t. L-let me s-s-suck your cock instead.” The way he said it, stammering, with pitiful, downcast eyes, told the nearby bar patrons just how badly the rape at the hands of Lem had broken the young man. But Lem wasn’t about to lessen the impending humiliation. I knew the man’s cruelty well enough to know that.

He patted the college student’s head. “Sorry, bitch-boy, my cock’s already shot its spunk in your ass. Now I need to piss. Open that mouth.”

Tears slid down the boyfriend’s face. He opened his mouth wide. I glanced down to see his cock still hard, petite babe’s fingers flying up and down its length as she fisted it and jerked it like a pro.

“Yeah! Drink it all, bitch-boy! It’s the only drink you’ll get in this bar from now on!” one of my patrons called from two tables over.

Another patron chimed in. “Drink it all or I’ll rape your ass next!”

More similar threats came in from seemingly every corner of the room. I always had a rough crowd at my bar. After all, this bar was on the edge of Alaskan wilderness, and biker gangs and convicts lived here in disproportionate numbers. But still, this crowd was rough even for me. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes the devil comes out to play in all of us.

I looked away, disgusted, as Lem began to relieve himself.

Sliding my gaze to the left, I saw Killer’s shaft, now soaked in petite babe’s juices, railing her from behind. He leaned over, grabbing her by a clump of her jet-black tresses, yanking her head back as she let out a surprised and pained squeal.


“That’s enough ass-licking, slut. I want to hear you scream as I fuck you. Scream how much you love this COCK, you worthless bitch.” It didn’t take a genius to realize what was going on here. Apparently Killer had heard the ultimatum Gallagher had given the blonde across the way earlier, making her sing the praises of his cock while he raped her… and now Killer wanted the petite brunette to perform a similar rendition. Bikers could be a competitive bunch.

Petite babe’s mouth clenched up in a rictus of pain born not just from the physical agony but also the soul-searing humiliation of her ordeal.

“AAAAYYYYY!!! Th-thank y-you….forrrrr…UGGGHHH!!!…uuuuuh ….th-th-IS…cock!! I L-LOVE AAAYYY!!! I love this cock!! OW!!! Uuuuu!!!!! UGH! Oh god!” she wailed between choked sobs while Killer kept his hand fisted in her hair, fucking her like a maniac. He sheathed that long cock in her tight body as if it belonged nowhere except stuffed inside the wet warmth of that helpless pussy. Her body shook with the force of Killer’s pulverizing thrusts.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend’s face glistened with Lem’s urine. Lem was purposely changing up the direction of his stream so that the boyfriend’s couldn’t swallow all of it successfully, aiming at his eyes and the rest of his face. Despite that, ironically enough, the pretty-boy’s cock remained granite-hard nestled between his girlfriend’s fingers, and petite babe’s jerking hand now made wet, suctioning sounds as the boyfriend’s pre-cum coated both her fingers and his own shaft.

That fucker was about to come on my barroom floor.

“Please, we’re SORRReee!!! UGGGHHH!!! OH please, it hurts, not so rough…please you’ll tear me,” petite babe cried. Tears rolled down her face even as those cunt lips clung to that raping cock.

Yeah, this clueless couple was about to discover just what it meant to fuck with the wrong people. Before I could watch Killer reach his happy place, though, a new sound caught my attention. I looked away just in time to see the action ramping up on the other side of the bar…

END of CH. 13

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