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The beach

Hi. My wife and myself Jill went camping one long vacation weekend. But first I want to give you a little background about her. She is a looker and was most comfortable in those stretch jeans low waist ones. One time she made some shorts out of an old pair. Well they were a little to short almost illegal. And when wet I’m sure they were. Since the first pair Jill has since made enough for 2 a day for a 7 day week. She loved wearing them especially certain places 2 being camping and to the beach. She said it felt like she had nothin on. And wearing no panties felt even better to her. Well hey, I wasn’t complaining she looked amazing in them and I do like looking at her.
Well as I said we went camping where they had a beach so she packed all that she has. And cut off tanks an some tube tops. And one small bikini top but plenty of tube tops if she could wear them to the beach which she prefers. First day there and we was a beach bound. Tube and shorts were on. After being in the water for a while we retired to our blanket we for some sun. As usual Jill was getting a lot of attention laying in the sun. Wearing dark glasses Jill looked to be sleeping. I started to noticed that she brought one knee up with her foot flat on the ground sometimes. Then I started to pay attention them realized she’s doing this when some body looked. But once in awhile she would drop her knee, kinda like spreading her legs for certain ones. Especially when attractive black men passed by. Now I knew she wasn’t asleep and I knew she was attracted to black men. When she did this move she was showing her pussy to them. Pretty much all of it. I started to pay attention even more and noticing that quite a few had passed by several times. There were three in particular that took great notice in Jill. Finally they chose a spot just in front of us with an unobstructed view of Jill’s spread legs showing them her beautiful pussy. The three men looked to have nothing else on but their loose shorts on, and clearly able to see the out line of their huge cocks confirming that they liked what they were seeing. After a while they got to go im the water giving Jill their own show making sure she could see their cocks sway as they moved about removing their shoes.
I knew she was attracted to them and awake because she started to act like she was waking up. Sitting up she scanned the water for the three men that were just admiring her pussy. I also know that she had seen the outlines of their big cocks their shorts and the fact they were muscular black men I knew she was horny. Jill found the objects of her searching eyes. And with a grin she asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. I declined to let her have some fun flitting with her admirers. And off she went. Not to be obvious Jill took her time not getting to close to them right away. But they noticed her on the sand as she made her walk down to the water. As they all played and swimming around the gap grew shorter between them. I watched with excitement to see who if any one would make contact. Well luck and fait played that part. A speed boat went flying by close to the swim area causing a wake. That got their attention making them turn to look. The men lost their balance and Jill was pushed in the middle of the three of them. Trying to keep their balance and grabbing for her made the tube top come down under her boobs as the men used the situation to grope my wife’s tits. There also were a few hands under water including hers. Jill stayed in the middle of them for a while. I imagined she was feeling their big cocks under the water, sliding her hands up and down their hard cocks and maybe getting finger fucked . I was getting turned on at the thought. After a while she headed my way with them behind her. By the look of the crotch of her shorts, my day dream fantasy was true.
Jill introduced her new friends, Will;James, and Joe. Then went on telling me about the boat and how they helped her. And that they to were camping for the whole weekend only 3 sites from us.
I spoke up telling them that they should come over for some drinks and fire cooked dinner to properly thank them
Later before they arrived Jill told me everything that happened in the water and she did have their cocks in her hands for a little bit and fingered were I’m her pussy. She was afraid id be upset. You should have seen the look om her face when I told her I had fantasized about that and had gotten hard. Then I asked her what if they want more. She told me that she didn’t think about that. Well I told her that she has always bragged about not being a tease. She told me omg and they are a bit bigger than me and also she couldn’t take all three at once. I smiled and continued getting ready for our new friends to arrive. Here they come with beer in hand. Linda kissed their cheeks with a hug and took the beer from them to put in the cooler. She had put her shortest shorts on. So basically the inseam was the crotch of her shorts. We all got a good look at her pussy. As she took great care and time putting the beers away. After dark and a few beers the party heated up we were all sitting by the fire, when Jill started dancing around us. Running her fingers through our hair up and down our arms and back. She started getting into it with our encouragement. She started rubbing. Our legs as she squatted in front of us flinging her head side to side with her face in our laps. Now that got a reaction from all our cocks that were starting to get hard and showing her our appreciation. Then ending each dance by putting her bare foot in our laps giving us a good. Look at Her beautiful clean shaved pussy then moving behind us running both hands down each side of our necks down the front of us to our laps lightly clamping our cocks between them with 2 fingers on top of the shafts down to the base then up as spinning back around to the other side with the other bare foot in our laps showing off her pussy again. Then moved to the next one doing a dance for each one of us. I was last for a reason lol. After my dance she squatted in front of me, looking me in the eyes for a signal as she was running her hands up and down my legs into my shorts. I felt like everyone’s eyes were om me waiting. When I smiled closed my eyes and ran my hand through her hair she got her answer and softly grabbed my hard cock and stroked it till pulling it out to greet it with her warm mouth. Looking at the others rubbing their own cocks now. Jill reached for Will’s cock and replaced his it with her own hand. I looked over at him and saw panic in his eyes. Grinning I told him that if he thought her hand job feels good wait till he feels the blowjob she gives. Jill looked up and asked me if I was bragging or is that was a hint. I told her that it was both. Then she scooted over between Will’s legs and slowly took over half his cock into her mouth. Will moaned and spoke out in general that no one had ever took that much in there mouths before. She continued for a while then moved to james and Joe and tgey both said that she was the best they ever felt. Now I know she takes me balls deep and im almost 10 and they were not a lot bigger maybe the most 3 inches. And im sure she could have taken all them a lot deeper if she wanted to.
She slowly got up with with their cocks still firmly in her hands forcing them to stand with her. Jill looked a Will and I asking us if we could amuse ourselves while she gets these cocks in her. I handed Will a beer and told him that I’ll deal with my own dick and that he was on his own as I laughed. I don’t know what went on in the tent but from the sound of it Jill was enjoying it. We heard her screams of pleasure as she came again and again. Then I heard Joe telling her that he was going to cum she went silent then we heard him say OMG eith several grunts and long pauses between them. Then James yells loudly That he was cumming and heard Jill say that she wanted to taste him too. From the sounds of it, this was the first time they were balls deep in a woman’s mouth.
They came out still not dressed grabbed a beer as Will and I joined my wife. She grinned and asked me if she could keep them as she lowered her pussy on to my cock And Will claimed her ass. Before she took his cock deep in her throat giving her a massive load of cum. Will looked at me and asked ” yeah can she keep us”?
It turned out that they all lived like 30 minutes away and once or twice a month we all got together for cook outs or something interesting.

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