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She didn’t expect me 2

Many things are in Olivia. Tyrone, a dog, Justin. Olivia is now a cum dumpster with about 20 pounds of cum put in her.

Tyrone perspective:
Since my nephew told me his plans I was in on it. Olivia has a nice and tight pussy. I was fucking her so hard that she passed out. Did I care? No I kept fucking her long and hard. I woke Olivia up for one last fucking for today. “Wake up bitch!! You can’t miss this.” Justin got her in position. She had her hands strapped on the ground while her legs were spread apart and also shackles to the ground. My dick was long and hard at a 17″. I spread her ass cheeks apart with my hands. To tease her I put just the tip in. Then I started putting in my whole dick. I fucked her ass really hard. Justin put his dick in her mouth. He skull fucked her. My pumping made her swallow his cum.

Justin’s perspective:
Olivia was exhausted after the fucking me and Tyrone gave her but I wasn’t done. After Tyrone left I strapped her naked body onto a pole. She didn’t fight back. She was my gym dumpster and she would eventually like it. I got her in a sexy nurse outfit. She had to cure my illness called blue balls. I made her dance on a pole. Then I took her off of the pole. I was sitting in a chair and I made her slide down on my cock. I pounded her ass. Then she feel asleep. I wasn’t done. I fucked her all night long. I came multiple times in her pussy.l,ass, and mouth. She was a sperm bank. I ended up falling asleep next to her.
On the ninth day she woke up to my dogs dick in her tight pussy. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!”

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