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Sex Adventure 2 – becoming a fucktoy (1)

When I got offered a new job I thought I finally found my dream job
I’m so sad. I just lost my job because someone found out about the little game I played with the customers and reported me. So now I’m just a waiter in a little cafe. Nothing fun and nothing naughty…

Right now I’m laying in my bed with my dildo after I just fucked myself with it. Thinking about another life where I would be happier than I am right now. And hopefully fucked by someone else!

I turn on my computer to look for different jobs when suddenly an ad poped up “Have the week of your life for 4.000€”. Needless to say I clicked on it – it could be spam but I had a little bit of hope.

Another website opened with pictures of women tied up, chained up, their nipples in clamps, ass in the air, spanked, fucked and covered in cum. There were so many pictures one dirtier then the next. I got horny again thinking about being one of the women in those pictures. I scrolled through the pictures getting very turned on. I totally forgot why I was on this website in the first place. Until I came to the end of the page.It said “you want to be one of our little sluts? Apply here”. So I clicked on it – the website changed again. There was an application form that I could fill out. I thought “hell yes I’m doing this! This can really be an amazing week and I get paid for it. win-win”. So I started filling out the application form

Name : Marie

Age: 28

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 175 lbs

skin color: white

Size tits: 36G

Waist: 34 inches

Hips: 40 inches

sexual orientation: straight

Add pictures of pussy, ass, tits and face: *you added 4 pictures*

contact details *you added your contact details*


I clicked the button and the screen said “thank you for your application we will get in touch with you very soon”.

One week went by and I already forgot that I applied when I got an email.

“Thank you for your application! After reviewing it we are happy to tell you that you are in the best round. If the next turns out positive we will let you be one of our sluts. Please come to the following address on tuesday at noon.”

I was so excited! I mean a sex week and I’m getting payed for it – hell yeah! I needed to get ready for it! I went to the city right away trying to get a new sexy outfit. I decided for just a lace thong and a tight short dress paired with some high heels.

On tuesday I got ready, wearing a lacy thong and a tight dress with no bra. I thought I turn up sexy looking like a slut already!

I was a little nervous because it still could be a scam but I was also very excited and was positively surprised. It was a nice looking office complex. I got out of the taxi and went to the entrance that they told me. I entered the office and I was greeted by a very devout looking woman at the front desk. I went to her and showed her the email. She said they were already waiting for me so she brought me to a conference room. When I went in the room there were 2 men and one women sitting at the end of a long table, wearing business suits. I felt a little out of place now looking so slutty. The Interview started and they ask me a lot of questions about me and my social life. I think they were very happy to hear that I’m single and also open for the most kinds of sex. After a few more questions they asked me to take off my clothes so they can inspect me. I did undress and was now standing naked in front of these people. I felt so exposed. One of the men stood up and came to me started to measure me.It was weird because they were not saying anything but I just let it happen. After he was done the woman got up and told me to get on the table on all fours. When I was on the table she put rubber gloves on and started to grop my hole body. She squeezed my tits, slapped them a few times and pulled my nipples. She went further down groping and slapping my ass and my pussy. She forced first 2 than 3 fingers in my pussy. I was wet because this hole thing turned me on! She said “this fucking slut is wet already” and all three of them laughed. I felt a bit humiliated by that. She also forced a finger in my ass and after that straight in my mouth touching my tongue an lips. After she was done she sat back down and asked me to put my clothes back on and wait outside the door for their decision.

After a few minutes they ask me to come back in and congratulated me. I was in! They handed me a contract and said I should just sign it and I can start next week. I was sooo excited! I just said yes and signed it right away. Maybe it was risky not to read the contract before signing it but hey everything worked out great till now so what should go wrong? They just told me that I don’t need anything. I should just make sure I take the pills they handed me (birthcontrol) and turn up next monday at the office.

I smiled the hole way home! This is going to be the best job I ever had!

to be continued…

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