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(Real) Jerking off at school

Jerking off ar my schools library alone.

Hi I’m E I’m 13 and got to a public school. Yesterday during class we were supposed to work on some bs assignment but I managed to use my “I’ll be quiet” card and went to the library to do my work. I walked in and saw the librarian working on books. I slipped past her and took a seat behind a row of other computers. From where i sat i could see the librarian and the windows to the hallway as well as the entrance. After half an hour of working I got bored, I looked up to see the librarian gone. I was thinking of just playing a computer game but all of a sudden I had a thought. What if jerked off right now? I looked up there was no one around aside from the people in the hallways. I pulled my cock out under the table and began stroking my rock hard cock with 3 fingers. People in the hallway would pass by and I wpuld stop. I even began recording (message me) I got close to cumming when I saw the librarian. I slipped my cock under my hoodie and the librarian walked up to me, she looked at my screen and saw word document opened. Then she walked away. I pulled my cock out again and kept stroking when I was a bout to cum I pointed my cock down and came on the felt great, I put my cock away and saw I had a little bit of cum on the seat so I got up and switched it. Then the bell rang and I left.

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