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Predator club part 1

My name is Ryan, and this is story of a rich school where things happen which you never ever can imagine.
In this story, we have Kaley, she is fair skin, with firm and properly sized breast and lovely face, she had joined this school on scholarship and therefore was very studious and no fun. However, the entire class had a eye on her, a few even approached her but she always turned down.
And it wasnt long until she became the target for predator club.
This club is undercover club which use hopeless but sexy girls their sex slaves, and Kaley was a perfect target, she wasnt that famous and innocent enough to not understand what going to happen to her.

Part 1: The trap

Now i had to bring her to us, we couldnt just forcefully bring her in we had to make sure she has no way to go. So first me and daniel researched about her, we followed her to find where she lives who is in her family and all about her. We do this to be safe from any obstacle that comes are way in future. Now after 1.5 weeks of research, we were ready to move to the next phase.
Now the thing about daniel is that father owns a famous law firm and his mother is sucessful businesswoman and therefore he one of people you dont want to go against. Now Daniel has really expensive watch , our plan was to plant it in such way that it looks as if kaley stole it, and since daniel family have connections to school therefore she would be thrown out of school and daniel parents can also make her life hell.
So we slipped the watch in her bag and then daniel went to teacher to complain about this, now the teacher ask the cr to check bags of all student and you know it i was the cr. So i pretend to search every bag carefully until i reached her. She seemed to completely unworried and then i slipped my hand and found the watch and then i slowly just pulled it out just enough that she can see. She was in shock and speechless, dread on her face was so evident, i took the watch and slipped in my pocket and moved forward without saying a word without turning back. I just continue to search other bags and then inbetween i gave daniel his watch bag and he just annouced that he found it and said he forgot where he kept it and apologized. Everything happened so quickly and i knew that kaley was shocked with horror and question. Now i had to wait for her to approach me.

Part 2: The Deal

The same night after school, i got a text from Kaley. “Why didnt you do anything after you found it” and ” believe me i didnt do it”. I read it and then wait until she text back why i read and haven’t replied yet. And her text ” Pls Answer, i dont know what going happen i am very scared of daniel”. Now replied ” Look i could have destroyed your life there, stealing from daniel Maren is like felony, Now i know you and i dont know why you did any of this, maybe i was wrong. Now i want to give you option daniel knows you did it, i put my friendship with him on line to safe you and therefore i deserve your explaination and not on chat, personally. As you know i took photo of your bag as proof so you better not avoid it”
Fine, believe me i didnt go this and i dont have an explaination, please” she said
” Meet me, i will get it from you or snap is going to principal”.
” i promise you, you wont get anything, Tell me where”
” Come down to bunglow 203, near westrook cottage at 5 after school.”
” Why not school, i am not sure to meet someone at bungalow, i dont know that area well”
” Alright, how does principal office sounds”
“Pls no, i will come”
The next day. i skipped school and waited at bunglow to make sure she comes. At 5 she came, i opened the door she was shivering. I called her in and told to wait by couch. She went and sat on couch and i then went in a room to bring something which is going to change her life forever”
“I expect silence, dont interrupt me now and listen carefully, i wont repeat. I caught you with the watch at school, it was in your bag’s back drawer, this is proof of this.
Now you claim you haven’t stole it and someone maybe accusing you. Am i right”
” yes, i didnt do it”
“do you have evidence”
“How should i believe you, Why doesnt anyone has to do anything with you”
” I dont know, i get text from boys everyday and i turned them down politely, maybe one of them didnt like it and doing all of this”
” Look, i wont be fooled, you yourself is trying to accuse someone else, you dont have evidence and making up stories, the case is simple you stole it and kept in your bag and now when i found you out, you making up stories, it done then i find you guilty and tommorow i will ask daniel to report you, You can leave now i have heard what i have to”
Now tears were dripping down her eyes and she was on her knees
” Pls believe me, you are wrong i am innocent , i dont need money all i want is to do get best grade, please this will destroy my life”
” I cant do anything, thief”
The word really hit her, she crumbled she began to hold my legs and was begging me. She began to say all her hardship she faced to get here and just kept on saying she is innocent
“Okay fine, there is a way you can avoid this , you will be punished my and daniel way, both of us promise not to say a thing. Only if you agree to us”
” what, what do i have to do?”
i gave her the predator club entree forms that has the entire list of all acts that we going commit on her and also that she has to give up her body to us ”
” No, i wont do this, you want me to be your sex slave, no i wont all of this is henious,”
” your choice, if dont want to do this, just a questio, do you know John dallas”
” What, that boy we had last year who left school, what he go tot do with this”
” Well last year, john punched daniel , no one know about this, so daniel went up to his parents and whithin a week johns parent lost their jobs, his sister was missing and john was beaten up and force to have sex with his mother and sister, this was videotape, look at tv”
i played clip, she couldnt believe it, there was pure horror on her face
once it was over
“So, Kaley what do have to say, you have brother right and if am not wrong your parent work in law firm too”
” You are monsters”
“Well, if you think so ,leave,get out but i promise you daniel is planning a lot worse than this, he knows all about you, he coming after you”
” You planted the watch, didnt you, it was your trap to get me into this club, you targeted me, didnt you”
” You are smart girl Kaley, now what is done is done, you have no way to go, even if you find ways to get out, your family wont , daniel will make their life hell, you have chance to stop all of this, all we asking his few hours every day in return”
“alright i would do this, just keep my family safe”
“Well you took time to understand but i am glad you did , now let talk buisness”
” This forms consist of all you have to do, i will you give you some key point now”
” From tommorow we will control everything about you your friends,you food,your clothes, your body even the music you hear , You wont have say in anything, for whatever you do you would need our permission, say yes after every point”
“Second, no one should be every told about this and i know you know consequences of breaking it”
“Everyday you will meet us before school and you would sit besides us in school and spend the entire time with us, do what we ask you to do without question or hesitation”
“you going handover all id and passwords to us, from now on we control social media and chatting, ”
“This club include me, daniel, josh and alex, you will always address us as sir, unless someone else is with us”
“This will go on until we end of school, after that we judge your performance and decide to whether to let you go”
“you are going to get a slut tatoo on your body before tommorow”
“yes, i will”
“good , i am impressed by your agreeabilty, i will send you the tatoo place address”
“Now this document consist of all the things we can do to you, bdsm and all, now you have 2 days to review all of this , you have choice to remove 2 of these, not more than that, look over other condition too, just so you know what life is going to be after 2 days”
” Yes”
“Now please strip”
“I said strip, take of your clothes and stand in front of me”
And then she began taking off her uniform, she first undid her shirt and kept in aside then she Pulled down her skirt revealing the black lingerie underneath, then she unhooked her bra revealing her firm breast and small red nipples and then he pulled down her panties revealing bush under it”
” You have got wonderful body”
“Now look into mirror in front you”
she turned and looked straight at her bare body
“This is you know, you ashamed and undignified, your body is no more yours, you have lost your identity, you are nothing more than a body , am i correct”
“Now i want you to dress up, go home, do the documents, do the tatoo, and come her 2 days later, if you try to do anything else, your mother at Josh Heckles fruit shop has worn really nice dress, i dont wish to rip it of her in front of the world, do you understand”
“yeah and after todays it going be yes sir”
“Now go away slut, do you mind me calling me that”
“Fuck off”
She dressed up and quickly ran to the door, tears in her eyes as she left

Part 3: First

Two days later she came back , she removed electrocution from punishment and had no question.
” Hi slut, Now strip and remember you must do this at the door step itself next time”
“Yes sir”
once she was naked , i told her to keep her clothes in the basket and step forward
“Now, i want you to dance for me”
She dida bit of dance , her bouncing boobs rubbing each other and her hand desperate trying to hide her pussy.
After a little while I stopped her and told her to go and sit on sepcial designed chair it at vibrator position in such wasy that when you sit on it it go straight through the pussy.
She hesitated for a while and then she went and sat on it and gave slight moan as the vibrator enter her sweet body and once she adjust herself i turned the vibrator on and full power and now she was twitching and tremoring on the chair , she was begging to stop but i didn’t listen , i left on that chair for the whole 1 hour and finally let her go she was exhausted and went straight to the ground passed out.
I had done enough for one day so i just dress her up and threw her out of house unconscious straight into pile of thrash near my house and left her note by writing on her boobs in marker that said”thrash”.

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