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my wife and I share chapter 3

My wife and I have an open relationship,in this chapter I fucked both of them
Sara and I share chapter 3

I like to write about some sexual activities that I have done in the past, some with my wife and some with others. I also like to talk about my wife and how she welcomed others to be with us,men ,or women ,even both at the same time has been good. Sometimes the story is longer like the one in this chapter but I try to make it interesting enough that my readers cum in the end.

This one is a continuing story about how I fucked Mary( a good friend of ours) for the first time. I have known her for 20 years and had only lusted for her until now.In the last two hours I had eaten and fucked and filled her with cum, now she wants more.So here we are having a drink and talking about what we have done and what we are going to do next.

Mary and I were just sitting on the bed,me against the headboard and her cross legged facing me.She had already cleaned herself from the cum I left inside her and was pulling out what was left . She had a shirt covering her small breasts, unfortunately because even small they were nice to see and play with.

“So why do you and a man you like, only have sex with Sara(my wife)”she asked.”My last two husbands would have died to have just two women in bed”.

“We let it be known that I have never been with two women alone,it would be fun but honestly one woman would feel left out when I cum.You already have found that I am not quick to cum,I like to know that the one that has my cock is ready for me to cum. In my train of thought pleasing the one I am fucking is my main goal.

I then said “why don’t you take that shirt off so I can see those pretty titties”.I chuckled and said “my first wife had big ones and really didn’t like them. Getting slapped in the face with her on top of me wasn’t fun. Seeing big tits flopping off her side as we fucked wasn’t good ether. Your tit’s ,like Sara’s are beautiful and having those hard nipples in front of me makes my mouth water”. I then smiled and helped her remove her shirt ,giving each nipple a short suck when they were exposed.

Now naked Mary placed her hands on each side of her tit’s and smiled “I wish they were bigger”she said. “My first husband wanted me to get them enlarged and when I didn’t he started messing around . Eventually he left me for a big breasted blonde. I agree with you I like them too”but as she pushed them together tighter she said “I just wish I could suck them”.

“Well I can,”I said and leaned in, giving each nipple a loving suck .It took longer with each one because she held my head there.When she knew how much I was enjoying sucking each nipple she took her hands away. She then started running her hands through my hair while I continued to suck and play with her nice breasts.

“Why do you let Sara go and have sex with some other man?”Mary asked me and slowly laid down on her back. Pulling me up over her she gave me a kiss,”you don’t seem to mind when she goes to them”.She smiled when she felt my hard cock pressing against her pussy,”I told one husband that you were a better lover. I didn’t mean to make him think that we had done it, I was just stating what Sara had told me.

He got mad and left me for a few weeks,staying with his now wife . When he came back I tried to explain but he didn’t believe me. I thought he did but instead he had sex with me and left the next day.

Mary took a deep breath when I moved and my cock slipped easily inside her.”If I knew then that Sara was right I would have been fucking you years ago”.Mary moved her hands down to my hips and smiled “did you get mad at her for wanting some one else” she asked.

“I might have if she never told me about him”I then kissed her “she would be mad too if she didn’t know that I was here fucking you. We have always been honest with each other, and to be honest with you, I told her years ago that I would love to have sex with you”.

Poised over her now I would look at her soft breasts moving with each push of my cock inside her. “I love that smile too” I said to her when I stopped and gave her a kiss, I then looked down watching her thin lips holding my cock as I pulled back out.” I get turned on watching some guy fucking Sara “ I said , “some time’s just thinking about it keeps me hard”.

Mary moved her hands down to my ass cheeks, “are you thinking about her now” she said.

“No” I said “but I might be thinking about you later if she isn’t awake”. Taking a deep breath I said “damn I like everything about you” and started fucking her a little faster.

“I thought that two men that were close together were bi-sexual ,am I right?” Mary said as I continued fucking her. I smiled and said, “I guess there might be some truth to that .I am not that interested in sucking a guys cock”I said “ but might if Sara wanted to see me do it.

I did get close once when Sara was letting me eat her while giving a guy a blow job. Before I could realize he pulled away from her and had his cock inside her. I moved my mouth from her pussy but could still see his cock , Sara then was sucking me so I couldn’t pull away”.

If we were having sex where you had another man that did that ,I would act the same way”. I then started fucking Mary again with a slow in and partly back out action. I could feel that each time I pulled back her muscles would tighten against my cock.Watching her eyes open and close with each slow movement was one way I knew when she was getting closer to an orgasm.

“Oh shit you make me feel good”Mary said, taking a deep breath when I pushed in. She then would exhale and smile when I began slowly pulling out. The closer she came to having an orgasm the more she pushed her hips up.Knowing that she was getting close sent a jolt down to my cock indicating that I should be getting ready to cum myself.

I slowly increased my speed entering her, feeling the increasing flow of juices around my cock brought me closer as well.Oh fuck me honey “ she said “cum with me I am close”,then gripped my ass cheeks and biting her lips. I was holding back my rising cum trying to time it and unload when she herself started cumming. I never want to cum before a woman I was having sex with , and didn’t want to with Mary.

“Oh fuck you are beautiful “ said to her “ I don’t want to cum just yet but I am ready when you are”. I then drove my cock as deep as possible inside her when she ran her hands up my back.

“ I am ready , yes ,yes “she said several times until she told me to cum”then bit her lips again when she felt me cumming. We started kissing more passionately all while shot after shot of my cum began mixing with her’s. We stayed connected for quite a while after that, smiling and telling each other how good it felt.Mary finally smiled and surprisingly asked “are you still hard”?

I then pulled away and chuckled “not completely hard ,but I think I could do it some more”. She then pulled me back and kissed me “I can’t”she said then laughed and gave me another longer kiss.

I then pulled away and laid beside her “damn that was great I said “this whole night was one of the best times of my life”.

Mary rolled beside me “ditto” she said then slid her hand down and began stroking my semi-hard cock.”Of all the men I have been with ,you and only you have made me feel glad we did this”. Then unexpectedly she took my cock in her mouth and began cleaning our cum from it. She licked and rubbed until she had me cum free then took her shirt from beside her and wiped all up and down on me.She moved up to kiss me but stopped short hesitating to do it, so I kissed her. Mary then sat up with a surprised look and said “you are also the first man that has kissed me after I sucked their cock”.

She got up off the bed and handed me my clothes,”better let that get soft so Sara can get you hard again”.She threw a robe on while watching me get dressed hesitating when she zipped up my pants. “If you weren’t Sara’s man I would hold you captive “ she said. “You better go before I change my mind”then led me to the door and gave me a kiss.

All the way home I thought about Sara and just how lucky I was to have her.If she was any other woman that I have been with I would have left her for Mary.On the other hand if it wasn’t for Sara I wouldn’t have had the best sex of my life with Mary.

I was surprised to see the living room light on but not surprised to see Sara was asleep on the sofa. I decided to take a quick shower to remove the scent of Mary from me. I was surprised again when Sara was waiting there with a towel when I stepped out of the shower.

“Hey there handsome,have anything left for me” she then said “oh”when I told her I did.She turned, looking at me from the mirror “I thought Mary would have used you up. I called Tom to come over when the boys were asleep,thinking that you would have had your fill”.

Sara then bent over where I could see a wet spot in her panties,so I placed my hand down and moved forward.”I see that Tom left me a treat again”, then got down on my knees and moved her panties to the side. I did a lick or two in before Sara said “Tom said he would really like to get together with both of us soon. He doesn’t seem as eager to please me as much when you are not there”.

She pushed her ass back and said “take me to bed now and stir his cum around in me. He didn’t let me suck him off this time,”she said then took a deep breath when I stood up and poked her with my again hard cock.”Ouch go slower I am not Mary “ she then said “that’s better”when I took her slower.

I whispered to her “I like how much tighter you are than Mary ”, then started sliding my cock farther into her slowly.That is one thing I like about Tom,he has a smaller cock, but leaves a lot more cum inside her for me.Since the first time Sara and I started swinging I was more interested in what the guy was doing to her , then what I was doing to his wife,or girlfriend.

Sara had it in her mind when she started looking for others to have sex with not to have any cock’s bigger than mine.If we met with one that was thicker or longer she would give him a blowjob only,and usually delete them from our friends list.

Small cock’s and big loads would be the first message on her request form, for me she would have tiny titties and tight pussy’s .Needless to say we got more replies from single males than couples or single women.That was okay though because at the time it was to get Sara more interest in sex again.

Back to the story with me fucking Sara bent over in front of the mirror churning up the cum that Tom had left her with. After ten minutes of Sara’s legs trembling and her begging me to take her to bed ,I stepped away.

Sitting on the bed in our room she immediately grabbed me by the balls and started sucking away on my cock.Sara has liked doing it this way because she can not only taste the cum of the man that left it in her,but how she tastes too.For me ,well I just like seeing her eagerly try to make me cum in record time.

So now standing in front of my beautiful wife that’s trying to get me to cum ,it was my time to enjoy it.Knowing that she has been fucked good by Tom ,and now me it helped me stir up enough strength to feed her what she wants.

I do have to admit ,looking down at the head that was bobbing on me there were thoughts about Mary. Maybe I should not have cleared the taste of Mary from my cock,Sara might have liked her too.

“Oh sweet heart “ said to her, placing my hands on her head “you give the best blow jobs. I am close , I am gone to feed you what Mary has saved for you ,are you ready”?.She then stopped bobbing her head and with my cock deep in her mouth I could feel her sucking hard. She as usual had her hands now on my ass making sure not to let any of my cum get away from her throat.

I couldn’t hold back what my wonderful wife wanted from me any longer and let her have all that was left in me.I could hardly stand still as my legs quivered against my wife’s head until she finally had it all and sat back with a smile.She opened her mouth looking up at me, showing me she took all I could give her .She then swallowed and again opened to show me there was none left,smacking her lips when she closed her mouth.

“Thank you “,she said then moved back farther on the bed,she taped the mattress for me, then laid on her side waiting for me.”I am surprised that Mary left anything for me” she said poised for a kiss. She ran her hand along my cheek and smiled”did she like your cock”,then said “did you like her pussy”.

“She told me to thank you for letting her have me” I said” but no one is be better than you”.

Sara then said”you better believe it, and I am glad you had fun”,she then asked”will you go see her again”?.

I smiled “If you let me again”.

Sara kissed me and said “yes any thing to keep her and you happy” she then kissed me again and said “sleep well now you probably need it”. She then snuggled against me showing me that she herself is satisfied.

The next day we talked about the fun we both had and later that week found that there was more fun coming,but that is chapter 4.

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