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My sister and I (13/11y) – The set up for what was to come. No sex… yet) [actual experience]

During the 80’s when 13y (B) and 11y (S) old. The set up for what later happened and soon became almost a daily thing for many years.

I am 49 and for me the incest part of my life, and sex life, happened between 13 and 21y old.
With my sister who was 11 to 19. We were equal participants and even initiated pretty much as often. It started mid 80s and ended years into the 90s.

And it happened certainly north of 1000 times as we had the 2nd floor in our house to ourselves after our older siblings both had moved out being 9 and 11 years older than me.
There was only 4 bedrooms and a small living room between up there and a long wooden staircase from the 1st floor. Our parents never sneaked up to see what we were doing and in fact rarely came up there at all as long as we cleaned our rooms and that small living room, made our beds, brought laundry down and back up and so on… we made a point out of always doing everything demanded and expected of us above and beyond even before we had started to do stuff we shouldn’t with each other.
Both our parents worked different hours on revolving schedules of something like 4-6 weeks. One as a nurse and one at a power plant. And we always had either a babysitter or had to stay at another family’s house over night when they both worked night at the same time, when younger the same applied during daytime when both of our parents were working and it would be more than a few hours we’d have to spend alone after school. Especially if I had school long after her or other activities like sports training etc, but we did get more and more freedom to choose more and more if we wanted a babysitter or a place with adults to be when they worked.

We both hated it at the other family’s place and were not the slightest afraid of sleeping without our parents home or a babysitter in our own home. So for a while we got the phone number to a babysitter we could call to have her/him there in no time if we wanted during evenings and nights but we never once used it.
So, soon, when 11/13y old (of course ^^) we only needed to both be at home without friends over after 7pm such nights. Something that applied more to me than to my sister as I guess our parents saw it as more important that she didn’t end up alone without someone to be with during such evenings than that I did. So she often had one or both of her friends who lived within 1 minute walking from our house – over until 7-8. And it was all fine with me.

One time though, both our parents had weekend work and when they worked long shifts and slept at work being on call. Something that maybe happened 2-3 times in a year. This was our first time allowed to take care of ourselves though but for that to be ok’ed we’d have to spend the weekend together from friday evening until sunday afternoon. No friends over. Meals prepared to heat in oven for dinners and we were brought to the video-store to rent 4 movies with a movie-box (for you under 40, a movie-box was a simple vcr-player in a bag people with no VCR at home which most didn’t until the late 80s -could rent with their movies to hook up to their TV at home).
We got a lot of movie snacks etc and before the weekend I also got to borrow a couple of cassettes with porn from a friend to hopefully be able to watch after my sister had fallen asleep. A few porn magz I already had myself. Stolen or found here and there.

The weekend that changed everything was about to get started. And it wen’t extremely fast from nothing… to well – A LOT! that weekend.
In a year after that we were deep into some kinks you don’t easily talk about with your new partner even as an adult. Even some, what has to be considered fetiches. With an extremely advanced sex life together. We had rules to make sure we shared power equally, and we never fought anymore as we did not want to risk what we had together and knew very well that we shouldn’t have by making the other one angry or worse with us and hence risking that boiled over into one of us saying too much in the heat of the moment.

That first weekend we went from nothing, to being naked together, kissing, cuddling as we did so. Using hands to touch each other and then started to copy things in pornos and my magz with each other or in front of each other. We did not fully fuck in months yet, but that first weekend we did already start having oral sex and teaching eachother what felt good and not.

Our plan was initially to make beds in the corner sofa in our downstairs living room and watch movies until we fell asleep. So we did, head to head. Then prepared our dinner and brought all our snacks to the coffé table in front of the sofa – and started the first movie…

We fell asleep a few hours at around 9am the morning after before we started having sex again. Having passed the line of innocent play at around midnight the night before.
Then went on until we crashed for another couple of hours before we started again… and just went on like that until minutes before our Dad came home, then our mom a few hours later. Tired like hell, all of us. They going to bed early while we on the second floor… did not,

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