Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

My respectable, faithful, wife, hypnotised for stranger sex

Husband gets what he has always wanted to see. One way or another!!!

Sarah had always been quite inhibited. She was raised by religious parents and it left her with some hangups about sin and guilt about pleasure. She was fine about the act of intercourse and enjoyed it, but when it came to anything a little unusual, she was much less sure.

I had never told Sarah about my fantasies for fear of shocking her. The most persistent and strong idea’s I masturbate to, where the thought of other men having Sarah . I don’t know why, but the thought of total strangers sliding their cocks into Sarah without precautions, gets me instantly hard and randy. Due to rules on contraception, Sarah has always insisted on the rhythm method which means sex at the time when ovulation is least likely to occur, except, obviously, when trying to conceive. At fertile times, sexual activity was limited to touching, then with a little coaxing, oral sex.

I wanted a little more excitement and one night brought up the idea of a vibrator. Sarah asked why and I told her it would be good for us and enjoyable. We chatted, I showed her a functional, non threatening one on the web and she said


A few days later a plain package arrived and I showed it to Sarah , who giggled and went a little red.

It was a Friday and that night I poured some wine, then a little more and we went up to bed. We kissed and cuddled and then I reached for our new toy. I switched on and Sarah acted like a child, flinching and jumping as I touched her knees and lower legs with the buzzing vibrator. I lay beside her and whispered

“Just relax darling”

Sarah lay quietly as I began to move the vibrator up until I was stroking the inside of her thighs, then her nipples and stomach and at last I was touching between her beautiful, labia, framed by her soft triangle of intimate hair. Sarah moaned softly as I moved the vibrator over her clitoris, which swelled into a hard bud.Then she began to move her hips in circles, lifting herself to press against the probing toy. Within a minute Sarah was having an intense orgasm, followed by several more, until, after she had gently serviced my needs with her small hand, we slept, snuggled close together.

We used that vibrator regularly for a while, but I was getting this picture of a realistic, penis-like toy running through my mind. Imagining seeing it sliding into Sarah and I sent off for one. I showed Sarah her little present one night after we had been to a party and she was nicely relaxed. Even then I could tell she was shocked when she saw the realistic, latex, toy. It was not a really big one, but had veins bulging from below the life-like shaft. I think it brought some of Sarah ’s hang up’s to the surface, almost like it was being unfaithful. She could not fail to realize how keen and excited I was and although she lay stiffly at first, she soon relaxed and enjoyed the experience. I was very, very, excited looking down and watching the latex cock sliding deeply inside Sarah . I came as soon as she touched me squirting jets of hot seed all over her belly.

I often reached for the new toy over the next few months, until Sarah was comfortable and cool about it.but already I had the next model in mind.

I had seen a much bigger toy and what’s more it had a function that was doing it for me,”big time” This was a dildo but not just any dildo. It was long, with thick girth and best of all it had a squirt bulb. A plastic container that liquid could be placed in, and with a few squeezes, spurted out in powerful jets from the hole at the tip. Like the real thing, but much more so!!!.

I sent an order and it arrived promptly 2 days later. Sarah was at work and I opened the package. I got hard as I looked at the dildo, just imagining everything I wanted to do with it, but I had an idea that it might be a step too far for Sarah . I kept the dildo hidden in my secret cupboard in the garage for several months.

One night we had been to a friend’s wedding and Sarah has a tendency to get carried away with Champagne, especially after the third glass. By the time we got home she was very tipsy and feeling randy. This was my moment. While Sarah was in the bathroom I took the dildo from the cupboard, filled the bulb with warm water and put it on the floor on my side of the bed. Sarah came into the bedroom and flung herself onto me. We cuddled, petted and I used the normal vibrator first. Then when she was fully aroused I reached for the dildo. Even in her drunk state Sarah knew something was different,
“Woz that”?
she slurred. I said
“Now just be quiet, relax and enjoy it”.
Sarah did and soon the dildo was nudging between her pussy lips, then, filling her like she had never been filled before. God she went wild, cumming like a train and making lots of noise. It was fantastic, especially when I squeezed the bulb and she felt the warm liquid splashing up inside her. It tipped her over into another strong orgasm.

The next day after she had sobered up, Sarah asked about the previous night’s events and more specifically about the dildo. She tried to make out it was a shock and wrong of me not to discuss things with her, but underneath both of us knew it was now part of our sex toy collection, which would be used often. Sarah could not deny her responses to it.

We experimented with the dildo using different liquids and a solution of watered, condensed milk gave the most realistic experience. Sarah loved the feel of the strong jets as I pumped the bulb, and one gloriously memorable night, I placed her hand on the bulb, put my hand over hers and squeezed. Pure excitement.

I still had never mentioned my fantasies about other men because I was 100% certain what the reaction from Sarah would be to that. I wanted a little more fantasy than just my own imagination. I began to chat on-line about my fantasies with other men. It was a turn on itself to chat with total strangers about Sarah and what they would like to do with her. One guy I chatted with lived only 20 miles from us and the fact of his closeness added extra spice to the fantasies. He was more than 25 years older than Sarah and his descriptions of how he would like to fuck her, got me tugging like crazy. When I was aroused like that my normal controls were reduced and I started sending him pictures of Sarah including some naughty ones taken after some wine. It excited me knowing that a man so close by had private pictures of Sarah .

As I chatted with the guy on-line, I told him about the sex toys we used and about the squirting dildo. I got a big surge of butterflies in my stomach when he came back and said that if he couldn’t have Sarah for real, he would love to make the dildo experience more realistic than putting condensed milk in the bulb.

In that moment I knew instantly I wanted it. I wanted a man I had never met to have the most intimate contact imaginable with Sarah and I was willing to play a part in arranging it. I chatted more with the guy and he was just as eager as I was. He sent me a picture of himself. Overweight, balding, thick glasses and a leering sort of expression on his face. The type of guy Sarah would move seats to be away from on a bus. Strangely that aroused me even more than I already was.

I arranged to meet the guy in a parking area halfway between his place and ours. It was weird and perversely exciting sitting next to a man in a car talking in such sexual detail about Sarah . He was scruffy and needed deodorant badly. He had heavy eyes with a shifty look and licked his loose lips frequently, as we chatted about Sarah and our plan. I handed him a picture of her from when she had posed naked for me and his eyes drank in her body. He asked if there was any way I could video Sarah as I used the dildo and I said
He then asked me to go back to my car for a while and then after 5 minutes, got out and walked over to my car. He handed me a plastic container which felt warm and winked at me, before walking back and driving off. I put the container-in my shirt, close to my body to keep it warm and drove home.

Sarah was working and whenI got home I got my compact camera out. It has a video function and by placing tape over the red recording light I could get footage easily without Sarah being aware of it. I could hardly wait for her to come home and 30 minutes later she arrived. I was impatient not to waste any time, but also did not want to rush.her and spoil things. Feeling relaxed at the end of the working week, luckily she was also feeling randy. We ate, drank wine and sort of did our usual flirting and she went up to change in the bathroom. I went to the bedroom, set the camera recording, took the container from inside my shirt and carefully opened the lid. The strangers sperm half filling the container was white/gray, liquid and looked as though it had just been freshly produced. I carefully opened the bulb and making sure not to spill, I poured the warm semen into the bulb and sealed it.
I undressed and got into bed. The camera was between two books a few feet away with just the tiny lens opening visible, capturing our bed in close up. Everything was ready.Sarah came into the bedroom wearing her dressing gown. She took it off and and she had her lovely white baby doll nightie on with the sheer, white, panties. I was already rock hard and so tense with excitement I could hardly breathe. I knew she would be OK about the dildo because it was past the “safe time” and too risky for Sarah to let full intercourse happen. We kissed, cuddled, petted, and I pulled Sarah ’s nightie up past her waist. I untied the strings on each side of her panties and took them off her. The camera was less than 4 feet away and I knew when the guy watched the video, he would be getting a clear view of Sarah ’s pussy. I somehow kept a lid on my impatience till the right moment, then I reached and got hold of the dildo. I gently moved Sarah ’s legs wider apart and kissed her as I began to stroke the tip of the dildo between her pussy lips. As usual she was arching her back and moaning softly as I slid the dildo over her clitoris. I did everything just as normal, no faster than usual, though I wanted to speed things up. Then I altered the angle and nudged the tip, so it just penetrated Sarah ’s pussy. She was moving her hips in circles and bit by bit the dildo worked deeper inside her. I let her fuck it with her own movements. I knew the tip would be sliding against Sarah ’s cervix, stimulating her and then she had a strong orgasm and I knew her arousal would have made her dilate open. I held back until her next orgasm was building and was leaning into her body, kissing her neck, my mouth near her ear. I whispered
“Are you ready”?
Sarah was thrusting up against the dildo, pushing it deeper. She was giving little high pitched cries and panting. She suddenly said

“ Squirt it. Go on SQUIRT IT NOW “!!!
I squeezed the bulb as hard as I could and then again and again. I said
“Is that good. Can you feel it”?
Sarah was tipping into another intense orgasm, fingers gripping and tugging the bottom sheet and almost bouncing up and down. She was almost shouting
as the strangers seed splashed deep inside her pussy.

I met the creepy older guy at a service station and he was talking non stop about how much it had turned him on to see the video I had sent him. He said

“ Your wife is a very classy lady. I know she wouldn’t look at me twice. She would probably cross the street to avoid me. It’s good to know she slept with my cum inside her last night “

He asked what contraception Sarah used and when I told him she was Catholic and would not take the pill, he was really excited. He said
” You mean there is nothing to stop her getting pregnant from this “?
I said
“ You must think I am mad, but I love doing this “
He said
“Oh no that’s fine with me. Do you want to get her pregnant? We can carry on until I give her a baby if you want to. It’s not too far to travel and I will let you have sperm whenever you want for her. I love it that she doesn’t know and we have got it sorted so I can get to her properly, so she gets my spunk right up her young pussy. Can you let me have some pics to help me wank?”

I handed the guy some naked pics of Sarah and he went back to his old, battered, Ford. He leaned over and I knew he was looking at the pictures. Then from his movements it was easy to tell he was masturbating After about 10 minutes he walked across and handed me the container. He said

“There you are. That should be good, fertile, stuff “.
He leaned towards me and he leered as he said in a conspirital voice
“ What do they call her “?
I told him and he said
“ I bet she has a good job. I heard her on the video. She has a voice like those news readers on the telly”.

I told him that Sarah was an infant school teacher and that her Father was a retired diplomat and her Mother was a banking executive. The old guy said
“ Fuck. I love those posh, clean, classy, birds. Look but you cannot touch types. I bet she would powerwash her pussy if she knew she had been spunked by an unemployed, public toilet attendant. How old is her Dad? “

I told him 60 years old and he said

“ Fuck me. I am a good bit older than him. Can I see her? You know just so I know what she is like in real life”?

I said
“ I will see what I can do.”
He sort of twisted up his face and I saw he had several teeth missing. He gave a sort of chuckle and said

“ I would love to make her catch on and get her pregnant! “

He gave the coarse, unpleasant laugh again and said
“ Just think of it, a posh, little school teacher having a baby to me.”

I drove home as the previous day and kept the man’s spunk in my shirt to keep it as close to body temperature as possible. Sarah was already home and thought I had been visiting my friend Joe. She was in bed and had just finished watching a film. I kissed her and let it linger. Sarah sighed
“MMMMMM feeling romantic again, are we Leonard, darling? ”

I nodded and went to the bathroom. I had left the spunk in the cupboard under the wash basin after cleaning it that morning. I took it out and very carefully opened the container. With great care
I poured the old perverts sperm into the dildo bulb and sealed it, then went back to the bedroom. Sarah was in a nice mood and I knew from the alcohol on her breath that she had been drinking wine. We were soon kissing and cuddling and I began to stroke her breasts, then her pussy. Sarah was feeling sexy and got wet quickly, so I knew I could move onto using the dildo straight away. She is always more receptive when she is ovulating than at other times. I had not had the opportunity to set up the video this time, but it could not be helped. I began to stroke the dildo between Sarah ’s pussy lips, sliding it over her clitoris, which was sticking out nicely. She moaned and I moved her slim, small, hand onto the dildo to let her control the movements. I whispered
“MMMMM thats good Sarah . I love watching you”

She began to slowly increase the pace as she moved it between her labia, spreading them. I said
“ That’s it darling let it go in now”
Sarah moved the end of the dildo and the tip went into her vagina. I put my hand over her’s and gradually pushed till it was as far as she was comfortable with. I knew the tip would be sliding against her cervix, but would go deeper as she stretched to accommodate the length of the dildo. I moved it in and out and she did that lovely thing with her mouth, so she was biting her own bottom lip. Then she sort of shuddered and I knew she had started to orgasm. I quickly gave the dildo bulb a sharp squeeze and saw through the clear plastic tube spunk, get pushed along, so and knew a small quantity had jetted into Sarah ’s vagina. I began to work the dildo in circles, stretching her, knowing it would help the opening of her womb dilate. I sensed this wasn’t going to be a long love making session and as she tipped into a second orgasm I squeezed the bulb really hard and kept squeezing. The tip had penetrated another couple of inches and I knew she was getting lots of the old guys sperm up into her womb and I ejaculated strongly at the thought of it. The bed was still raised at the end and I cuddled Sarah as she fell almost instantly to sleep, so for nearly 8 hours she laid asleep and relaxed with his live, fertile, sperm deep inside her.

The next morning I emailed the old guy. He mailed back a few minutes later and was disappointed that I had not videoed the event, but wanted every detail. From the content of his messages I could tell he was excited that Sarah had an orgasm and then gone to sleep and had not got up to shower. He was very, very, eager to know when we could do it again and I told him it would probably be the following Friday.

I met the old guy and after chatting about how the last experience had gone, he suddenly said

“ Whats the chance of me meeting your Missus. I want to be close to her so I can talk to her. I want to smell her perfume and talk to her. It would fucking turn me on chatting to her knowing she hasnt got a clue I can give her a baby without her being able to prevent it.”
I was a bit taken aback by his suggestion and was lost for words. He gave a coarse laugh and said
“ You could take her to the pub and bump into me. Introduce Sarah to me as the father of one of your friends. I would buy you both a drink and we could sit and chat. It would do it for me. I would go for a good toss in the toilets and slip you the container. Then you could take Sarah home, use the dildo and squirt my cum inside her, just after I have been that close to her. I want my sperm to be able to get inside her precious, little, egg. So I become part of her and she becomes part of me. Nothing will be able take that away. Whatever happens Sarah will always have a connection with me. She will carry my baby and put her hands on her bump tenderly, not knowing she has my baby growing inside her, not yours. Then after she has it, cuddling it and holding it to her tit. I like that.”

I was hard and fully erect, uncomfortable in my pants. I said
“OK. You can meet her. I will let you know where and when next time we chat online.”

The old guy smiled and put out his hand to shake mine

“ I’m called Des. Here’s to a lot of fun”!!!

I asked Sarah if she fancied a drink at a bar in town. It was a warm day and she liked the idea. I immediately contacted Des and told him which pub we would be drinking in. He was really pleased and set off right away.
Sarah dressed for the weather, light, flowery summer skirt and thin cotton top, no bra. We got to the pub and I ordered her a mojito. We had had a couple before I saw Des arrive. I played it cool and waited till I went to the bar again. I had seen Des looking over frequently at Sarah , almost drinking her in with his eyes. I moved beside him and made a play of shaking his hand. I leaned close and said
“ Keep it relaxed.”

He nodded and I led him over to the table near the window and said to Sarah
“ Honey this is Des. He is Freddies father.”
Sarah gave me a look as if to say
I continued
“You know who I was at college with”?

Sarah reached her slim hand out smiling and shook Des’s hand. He moved next to her and we all chatted. Sarah was getting tipsy after three mojito’s and the conversation flowed well enough. It was exciting seeing her sitting so close to Des, having no idea he already had such intimate, personal, contact with her.

The conversation turned to the summer holidays and Sarah mentioned the school fete which she was arranging. Des was in like a flash.

“I have a friend who does magic tricks. He is great and was on the tv in the 60’s and 70’s. Still does a bit even now”.

Sarah was interested, she had been looking and worrying about the fete for a while, wondering what she could set up to raise funds. She said
“Oh Des that’s a great idea. Do you think he would come and volunteer? We cant pay unfortunately. ”
I looked across at Des and he gave a sly look then said
“ I will call him tonight and let you know.” We went to the bar and I said
“What’s all this about”?

Des said
“ I know this guy who would give his right arm to get ‘involved’ with Sarah . He was a club entertainer once. Did hypnosis and stuff and was good till the variety clubs went out of fashion. He got into being a therapist. You know stop smoking, biting your nails and be more confident in two weeks, sort of stuff. Didn’t last too long. He went inside for a good stretch after they found out he was hypnotizing women and fucking them as well. He was videoing the sessions and the law found one he lent out and they got him.

When he got out it was not like now, having to sign registers and stuff. He moved area and he still sometimes gets a woman that way sometimes.”
I was very intrigued and said
“ Sarah seems keen. So lets see where it goes Des. Give him a call. I am OK about it, but I am not sure it is possible to get women to do things like that with hypnosis.”

Des said
“OK I will call him tonight and give him your email address.”
He continued “Sarah is a bit drunk. I bet she will want a good ‘seeing to’ with the dildo later. I am going to the toilet so you can give her a little present from me later.”

I went back to Sarah and a short time later Des came back. I felt him tap my leg and I put my hand under the table. Des handed me a container. He said
“ Well nice to meet you Sarah . I feel like I know you. “

Then he said to me

“ Take good care of her and let me know when the fete is happening”.

Then he left. When he had gone Sarah said

“Your friend’s Dad seems ok. It is nice of him to try to get his magician friend to help out at the fete. When you brought him over I wondered what you were doing. He looked so scruffy and well, sort of a bit scary. Like a dirty old man!!!”

She asked a few questions which I made up the answers to and the conversation moved on. We had another drink, then I put my arm around Sarah and she was unsteady and giggling as we walked home. We were kissing as we got in and Sarah went to the toilet and I quickly went to the bedroom and got the dildo. I opened the container, took the top off the dildo bulb and poured Des’s semen into it. I just had time to put it down before Sarah came into the bedroom. She was pretty drunk and slurring her words. We kissed and I took her clothes off. She was wet when I touched between her legs and I opened the bedside drawer and took the dildo out. Sarah opened her legs and I began to stroke between her hairy lips with the tip of the dildo, then pushed it slightly inside her. Sarah spread her legs wider, sighing and I kept pushing until it was deep in her vagina. I could not resist giving the bulb a little squeeze, knowing I was releasing some of Des’s sperm into Sarah ’s pussy. Then I began to move the dildo in circles so that she got more aroused, which always makes her dilate open inside. She was arching her back and lifting her hips up and I couldn’t wait any longer. I began to squeeze the bulb firmly and started rubbing Sarah ’s erect, swollen, clitoris tipping her over the edge into an intense, noisy, orgasm.

Afterwards Sarah went to sleep in my arms and after a while, when she was breathing slowly and deeply. I got up and went downstairs. I logged ono the the pc and Des was already online. He messaged

“Have you done it?”

I messaged

“ Yes. No problems. She is asleep now.”

He came back.
“No shower or visits to toilet since?”
“No straight to sleep.”
Des messaged

“Fantastic. She will have all my sperm swimming in her womb now. She is beautiful. So innocent and nice. I hope she is conceiving my baby right now, so when she wakes up, she is pregnant, just an hour after we were talking together”

Then he messaged.
“Phoning my mate Reg, the guy I was telling you about.”

It was about 15 minutes before the next message. Then he put,

“Reg is very interested. Add him he wants to message you. ”

I got the add request and accepted.

“ Hi Its Reg , I understand you have an arrangement with Des?”

he messaged.
“I can make it a lot more interesting. “

We swopped messages and I asked him questions. He said It was easy to get women to have sex under hypnosis. He said you got them to enjoy a drink of alcohol with valium or ecstasy in, telling them it was water and that made them much more amenable and suggestible. Then you put them into situations under hypnosis that were normal and not against their normal values or morals. He said he could get Sarah to have sex with Des or himself easily and she would later think she had sex with me. Reg said he could also add in post hypnotic suggestions, so Sarah could be put back under hypnosis instantly at other times, when we wanted to have her again. The way he said it convinced me he could do what he said,
“Des has shown me Sarah ’s pics and I want to fuck her. Believe me I can make it happen!!”

I chatted some more and he said he would be willing to do the school fete magic show and maybe we could arrange tea or a small party at our house afterwards? I said
OK. I would make arrangements and let him have the dates when I knew.

Later that day when Sarah got up, after she had come round a bit. I asked her about the fete and she surprised me telling me it was less than a week away. She asked me if Des had come back about the magic guy. I said he had and she was really relieved as she had been left with the responsibility of finding something for the kids’ entertainment. I told her that this guy had been in touch and said he would do it and at the same time planted the idea of inviting him and Des for a thank you drink later. Sarah was more than happy to oblige as it sorted out her worry about the fete. The next day Sarah got on with planning other bits for the fete and doing posters. I chatted with Des and Reg several times over the next few days and before we knew it the day we had been waiting for arrived.

Sarah checked with me and I told her I had asked Reg to do a half hour magic show at the end of the fete and then close it and sort out all the clearing up the day afterwards, so we could go back home for “thank you” drinks. I also dropped into the conversation about Reg being a hypnotist. Sarah was fascinated. I knew she liked the shows that Paul Mc‘Kenna and Derren Brown did on the TV. I said we would have to get him to try it on us at the weekend and we both laughed.

The fete went very well and about 3 pm Reg turned up with Des. He was a strange looking guy aged probably mid to late 60’s with thinning hair obviously dyed black. He was quite slight in build and had a large bulbous nose. He was dressed in a yellow and red striped jacket and white trousers. Des introduced me and then pointed out Sarah who was running a cake stall. Reg looked over and Said to me in a low, sly, kind of way

“ Your little wife is very sexy young thing. This is going to be good, very good. Mmm!!! She is so young and vulnerable looking.”

Then he turned to Des and said

“ I can tell just from her face and body language, she will be able to be receptive to hypnosis. Don’t you worry Des. Little wifey over there is going to get plenty of cock today. I will have her knickers off in no time and I will give her a good covering”

His voice was low and full of sexual lust. I got a burst of butterflies in my stomach when he said it. Reg chatted with Sarah and she introduced him as the
“ Great Ramondo”
to the kids. It has to be said, He put on a really good magic show and Sarah was really impressed as were the rest of the audience and all went off home happy.

Afterwards we cracked open a bottle of Champagne with the other teachers and Reg, Des, Sarah and I set off back to our house, which was walking distance from the school. We got back and I got out drinks whilst Sarah took some sandwiches from the fridge. She thanked Reg profusely and we sat chatting and drinking beer for the men and Mojitos for Sarah . I brought up the subject of hypnotism and Sarah said she loved all the shows but that she always had wondered if she would be too strong willed for it to work. Reg was not pushy and that was good. He chatted about it and told Sarah that people would not do anything they would not normally do under hypnosis, which was the opposite of what he said to me. I said

“ Well now is your chance to find out if you can be hypnotized Sarah”.
She pretended to be reluctant at first, but we put a little peer pressure on and she agreed. Reg got Sarah to sit in a chair and began to talk in a low, monotone. voice. He carried on for what seemed like ages and I went out to get another drink. As I got back he was counting down from 10 and then put his hand on the top of Sarah ’s head, Her chin fell forwards onto her chest. He started to talk with her about being thirsty and as he was doing it, he signalled for a glass. I brought one and he took a packet from his pocket and poured some powder into it. He poured some of Sarah’s Mojito in on top of the powder and stirred it. Then he said

” Here is your drink. Now drink it all up. ”

Sarah tipped the glass and drained it. Reg pointed at his watch and signalled to wait. He said to Sarah
“You will sink slowly and gently into a deep, dreamless, sleep. You will hear our voices but we will sound like echoes from far away and you will not be able to make any sense of the words we are saying. Do you understand Sarah ? “

She nodded slowly and sat still with her eyes closed. Reg turned to Des and I and said

“ Oh she is really easy, so suggestible. About half are difficult, a quarter fairly suggestible and a blessed, tiny, few like little Sarah here are like baby lambs, completely give themselves up to me. She will go along with anything I ask her, especially once the Valium and the ‘E ‘ kicks in. It’s going to be really good. She is one of the prettiest, little, things I have ever put under and a really lovely girl too. So polite and well brought up. ”

He looked at me and his eyes were quite piercing and said

“ You are OK about this then ? “

I did not answer immediately and he continued.
“ I mean You are OK about me and Des having sex with Sarah today, right now, this afternoon?”

Of course I was not stupid. I knew why he had come and it wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart to do magic at the fete. I looked across at Sarah and suddenly had this awful feeling she would be able to hear my reply. I said
“ She really cant hear us? “

Reg said

“ No. She will just hear words but not understand the meaning.”

I nodded, reassured by his certainty, and said
“ Yes. Its OK. I want it. I have always wanted to see other men have sex with her.”
Reg said “Great that’s what I like to hear. Des has told me all about the dildo Leonard. That’s good, really good, there won’t be limits. I hate condoms, cant stand the fucking things. If you fuck a girl you want it real and that means getting cum inside her. You know what I mean Leonard? ”
I nodded again
” Good”
Then he continued.
“ She is not on the pill right.?”
I shook my head. Reg whistled. “Wow you have got it bad!!! Thats risky. We are not young studs, but neither of us is snipped and Sarah is young and fertile. Obviously you know what could happen. I looked down and nodded “How do you two manage contraception? ” I told him about the safe period rhythm method we used and he gave a low disbelieving chuckle and said

“ Well Leonard the ‘safe period’ is a gonner today, Sarah is about as safe as a pedigree bitch on heat, tied to a post in the dogs home yard. I am not going to say anymore. because I don’t want you changing your mind.”

He gave a harsh, dirty, laugh. His wrinkled hand reached down and stroked Sarah’s hair.
“She is a lovely, young, healthy, nubile woman and what man wouldn’t want to get his cock up her pussy and give her a baby “?

Des had been very quiet up to this point. It was clear he saw Reg as the dominant character, but he was getting impatient.

“ Do you think the stuff has worked yet Reg, so we can get started?”

His fat, round, bristly, face was pale except for vivid, red, patches on his cheeks and his loose lips, jowls and lustful, desperate eyes made him look like a pervert, leering through the school gates. There were beads of sweat on his forehead, trickling down and I was suddenly aware of his stale body odour. Come to that I was aware of the smell of both him and Reg. Reg’s clothes looked very ancient and the smell close to him was not easy to put into words, but it was like the smell in a charity shop where clothes hang on rails giving off a mouldy, musty, old, smell. Reg said

“ Yea. It should be well in her system now. Let’s bring her up a tiny bit. ”

He leaned and put his mouth close to Sarah ’s ear. His tone was instructive and commanding
“ You can hear my voice now Sarah , BUT YOU WILL HEAR ONLY MY VOICE!!!”

You will not understand the words of any other person here. Do you understand? “ Sarah made a weak sound and Reg said

“Speak to me Sarah !!! Do you understand?”

Sarah said


“Good now, listen and do exactly as I say at all times. You have come home from work and it is warm. Leonard is due home soon and you need to shower. You are feeling sexy and you want to be nice and fresh when he comes in. You want that, don’t you Sarah . To be nice, clean, and fresh for Leonard?”

Sarah nodded.
“ OK Open your eyes now and go upstairs and start the shower.”

Sarah ’s eyes opened and I could see her completely glazed expression. I felt a huge surge of excitement as she walked, left the room and started up the stairs. We all followed, first Reg, then Des, with me behind. Sarah walked into the bathroom and leaned to switch the shower on”

“Thats it Sarah ”

said Reg

“ Now undress to get in the shower, but do not go in until I tell you.”

Sarah unbuttoned her top and took it off, then reached to unclip her bra. She shucked it off and everyone’s eyes were on her firm breasts. She undid the button on her skirt and it dropped. Her fingers hooked into the top of her panties and she tugged them down to her knees. Des was standing next to me and he gave a sort of grunt as he saw the soft triangle of hair on Sarah ’s pussy mound. He whispered
“ Fuck me, she is gorgeous. ”

Sarah let her panties drop to the floor and stepped out of them and she was fully naked in front of us. Des said

” Sarah sleep!!!!”

and her head fell forward. Reg looked at Des and said

“ Dont touch her, lets just enjoy looking for now.”
He said
“Turn around Sarah towards my voice.”

Sarah turned to face us, full frontal. Des was agitated and his voice was hoarse
“ God she is beautiful. MMM. Look at her tits and her cunt looks so fucking good.”

Reg was also feasting his eyes and I looked down and saw his trousers were pushed out at the front. His voice was a slightly higher pitch and I could hear a tremor as he said
“ OK thats good Sarah . Now get in and take your shower”. Sarah
’s eyes opened, her head lifted. She turned and got into the cubicle. We all watched as she had a thorough shower. She was on automatic and when she finished, she turned off the water, stepped out and reached for a towel. It was as if she was on her own, just doing what she always did.

As Sarah dried herself the atmosphere changed. It had been sexually titillating watching her strip, but Reg and Des were ready for things to move along now. They had come to fuck Sarah and now they had seen her ripe, young, body in the flesh, they wanted to get on with the main event. The air became charged with sexual tension. Reg spoke and his voice was slightly hoarse, as if he had a dry mouth and I could hear a slight tremor in it.

“Leonard will be in very soon Sarah . You are feeling very sexy and you want to make love to him. Dont you?”

Sarah s voice was slurred but almost child-like.
“Yes I do.”

“Well you had better put something sexy on for him in the bedroom Sarah. ”
Reg said encouraging her. Sarah walked from the bathroom to the bedroom followed by all of us. She crossed to her bedside dressing table and opened the top drawer containing her lingerie. She rummaged till she found the white, see thru, baby doll nightie and G string I had bought her for Valentines Day. She put it on, looking achingly beautiful and innocent all in white, but sexy as well. Reg said

“Sarah he is here. Get on the bed. Lie down. He is coming up the stairs now.”

Sarah was looking right through us at the door as if we were not there. Reg moved across to the doorway and said

“Hello Darling. You look lovely. Is this a special surprise for me? ”

Sarah said

“Yes Leonard”

and she patted the bed and said in a slurred, husky voice.

“Come to bed Boopy”.

which is her pet name for me.

“I want to make love now. “

Reg walked to the bed and kneeled on it. Sarah reached out and they were suddenly kissing. Reg was trying to get his striped jacket off and unbutton his shirt at the same time as they kissed open mouth. He managed it and then almost ripped open his buttons as he pulled his white trousers and underpants down. Des was standing next to me and whispered

“Fuck me its working. She is going to let him do it!!”

I got a side on view and saw that Reg was more than ready. He might only have a slight build, but he was well endowed in the cock department. He was not as sticking up, erect, as a younger man, more sticking outwards than upwards, but he was obviously still very capable and adequate sexually. He fell, half covering Sarah still kissing her. His hand moved to squeeze her breasts, then slid down across her flat, firm, stomach. She parted her legs and he cupped her pussy through her panties and then his long fingers pulled the flimsy material aside. I repressed a slight shudder of distaste as I saw that Reg’s fingers were brown with nicotine stains and fingernails were uncut and dirty. He began to stroke his fingers between Sarah ’s parted pussy lips and I knew she was wet, because I could hear the slick, liquid, sound as he stroked along her hairy slit. Sarah was moaning and moving her hips to let him stimulate her clitoris. Then, first one, then two, of Reg’s long fingers entered her and he explored her deeply, intimately and thoroughly. I held my breath. Des moved and I glanced down. He was masturbating, sliding his loose foreskin back and forth over his swollen glans. Reg withdrew his fingers from Sarah ’s pussy and his hand moved down to take hold of the veiny shaft of his cock. His foreskin was retracted and he moved on top of Sarah . Taking in every tiny detail, I noticed that he had hairless, white, legs, slightly bowed with large arthritic knee joints. His small, wrinkled buttocks were taut then relaxing as he guided the tip of his cock into Sarah ’s slit and pushed. He pushed two or three times and I knew that he had penetrated her, then his bum began to rise and fall as he started to fuck her. Sarah was giving small cries as he pushed inside her. Her arms moved around and she hugged him close, just like she always does with me. Reg was making hissing sounds as he thrust and he was already speeding up. He groaned and said


and his butt was jerking up and down rapidly. I knew he was cumming inside Sarah and she was making a shrill whimpering noise. Her hand slid onto Reg’s buttocks. She gripped hard, lifting her bottom, pulling his pelvis against hers and driving his cock tip against her cervix as he flooded her pussy with his sperm.

After he had finished he laid for a while on top of Sarah and their breathing settled. Then I heard Reg say

“Sarah . Sleep”

He lifted himself on his arms and rolled off her. Sarah ’s eyes were closed and she was completely relaxed. Her legs were still parted and I could see a blob of Reg’s semen between her labia, which took me out of a sort of surreal state of mind and confirmed graphically that a stranger had just finished fucking my wife. Reg was flaccid by now and pulled up his pants and underpants. There was a glass of water beside the bed and he picked it up and drained it.

“Shit why did I have to cum so quick? “

he said almost to himself. Then his eyes met mine and he said

“You lucky bastard. She is so tight, she’s like virgin. There’s nothing like fucking young women. It was so good, I couldn’t hold back. I have always been a heavy cummer, but I have covered your little Missus properly there, Leonard my mate.”

Des was standing with his cock still exposed. He looked impatient and frustrated.

“ Come on Reg. you have had your go. Get her ready for me now”

Reg smiled, the smile of a cat who has already had the cream. He said “ OK Des. I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s going to be alright. I will just do the business and then you can get up her as well.”
He said

“Sarah . Leonard was too excited that time. He needs sex again.”

Sarah half opened her eyes and giggled like a small girl. She spoke and Reg said ‘ What did you say? “ Sarah said

“OOOH He is a naughty boy. Tell him yes!!”

Reg winked at Des and me then said “Here he is Sarah . He wants to do it another way with you on top “ Des was taking his clothes off and the room stank of his stale sweat. His cock was stiff standing out from a big bush of grey pubic hair below his fat gut. He had wispy strands of chest hair and several chins. Reg said “Stand up Sarah ” She got off the bed and stood still beside it. Des got onto the bed and laid on his back. He was holding his cock, pointing upwards. Reg said persuasively

“ There Leonard is waiting for you Sarah . Get astride and make love to him. Quickly we don’t want him to have to wait do we? “

Sarah got on the bed and put her leg over Des’s obese frame. Reg said

“That’s it now take hold of his cock Sarah and lower yourself onto him,”

Sarah reached down and held Des’s prick then guided it to her pussy as she lowered herself. Des felt it go into her and moaned

“Oh fuck thats good. It’s in her!”

“ Yes. Oh God its right in.”

Sarah began to rise and fall driving Des’s cock deep into her pussy. Des was moaning and saying

“Oh my fuck she is tight. I can feel it stretching her wide open. I am going to make a baby with her. No messing she will be pregnant after this. I know it.”

I watched, my cock hard and throbbing, so it ached. Sarah had been shy about trying new positions for a long time at the start of our marriage, Once we started experimenting, she started enjoying this cow girl way and she was very good at it. She began to rotate her hips, which I knew would make Des’s glans move in deliciously sensitive circles. He was reaching the edge very quickly and even in her hypnotic state Sarah knew this. She put her hands flat on Des’s chest and pushed down her pelvis, so her clitoris would be grinding against his coarse bush of pubic hair and his cock would be as deeply embedded as possible. Her head arched back and across her neck and upper chest, pink blotchy marks had appeared, which was a sign she was about to orgasm. With all her strength, her hips began to rock backwards and forwards, while she was still pushing down. She said in a low guttural voice.

“Oh God cum in me Leonard. Cum now!!! ”

Des was just making a grunting sound and he was immediately spurting in Sarah ’s vagina. Des was out of breath. He was gasping and kept giving a jerking thrust, making sure Sarah got every last drop of his sperm inside her. After a few minute Reg said softly

“ You can get off now Sarah ”

As she swung her knee over Des I could see her parted pussy lips and his semen ran down her pale, inner, thigh.
“Lie down and sleep Sarah ”

said Reg and she visibly relaxed and laid on her back. Reg was half erect again and stroking his cock. He got on the bed and laid next to Sarah .

“Come on kiss me!!!”
he commanded and his arms went around her. Sarah put her arms around Reg and he kissed her open mouthed, pushing his tongue inside. Then kissed down her neck. His boney hand was sliding up her legs and he touched her intimately between them.

He said quietly

“Open your legs for me now darling. Nice and wide. That’s it “.

Sarah was laid, spread for him again, totally vulnerable and available. Des and I watched as he moved onto her slim body. Taking hold of the shaft of his cock he moved into position and slid his manhood inside her. It was much slower and less urgent as he had sex with Sarah this time. He was savouring every moment, enjoying the sensations as he sank into her tight pussy. Time seemed to slow but he probably fucked her for about 10 minutes. The speed of his thrusts became quicker. Sarah was laid quite still and appeared deeply asleep. Reg suddenly tensed, then his wrinkled buttocks jerked quickly maybe seven or eight times and I knew he had cum inside Sarah again.

Afterwards Reg rolled off Sarah and said

“She is the perfect subject for this, so suggestible and easy to control. I can give her a post hypnotic suggestion and she will go really deeply under anytime I want. Do you want to see other men with her. I know alot of guys who would like to fuck a respectable, pretty, young, wife without a condom”.

I didn’t say yes or no but he just said

“OK I will make some calls”!!!

I went down to the kitchen and made drinks for Reg and Des and took them back up to the bedroom. Reg was chatting on his phone and reached to take his coffee. Des was sitting on our bedroom chair still recovering from his exertions with Sarah . Reg ended the call and said

“ OK a couple of my friends are on their way over. ”

He gave a sly chuckle and said “ I played cards with them and lost big time. I think I just may have found a way of getting them off my back.” He looked down at Sarah on the bed.

“They are interested in a little fun with your little wifey here Leonard. They both past their prime a long while ago and have to pay whores these days, so a cute housewife will be a real treat for the dirty old bastards”

and he gave a nasty grin.

We sat drinking coffee. Sarah was laid as if asleep, but Reg suddenly said

“ You can her me can’t you Sarah ?”

She said
in a quiet, small, voice. Reg winked at Des and me, then said

“ Its a quiet day and you are on your own feeling sexy Sarah . You need to touch yourself. You need to spread and touch your little, pleasure, button Sarah . Do you understand? “

Sarah gave a nod like a small child would and parted her legs. Her hand moved down across her flat, smooth, belly and a finger began to flick between her pussy lips. She moaned and kind of squirmed as she played with her clitoris, oblivious we were all watching intently. Reg said

“Fuck me I am getting hard again!!! “

I think he was about to move across to the bed but just then the front door bell rang

“ That will be them” said Reg and went down the stairs.

I heard voices then footsteps on the stairs and Reg came back in followed by two men. They were both old and looked like the type of men who had lived in the parts of a town you would avoid going into. One was scarred across the face and the other had evil, wicked, eyes which flitted across me and Des. Sarah was still laid, masturbating and the scarred man whistled softly, looking at her.

“Oh yea Reg I want some of that”.”

he said in a deep,gruff, voice. Reg said

“ Well I have been getting her to warm herself up for you. I think she is ready when you are.”

The man said

“ We can fuck her, no condom. Right?”

his eyes looked directly into mine and I was kind of a rabbit in the headlights. I did not answer and Reg said

“ Yea no problem Bruno. She’s all yours.”

he nudged the guy slyly and said

” No pill either, you could knock her up”.

The old man with the scarred face who Reg had called Bruno walked to the bed unfastening his pants. He lifted Sarah’s hand from between her legs and ran his finger along her slit. She was wet and a soft liquid noise was enough for him. Without further play he moved between Sarah ’s spread, slim, white, legs and guided his cock between her splayed labia. In moments he was inside her, moaning with pleasure as he fucked her.

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