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my dogs fucked me, and I kinda liked it

Hi, so i a 9 year old girl didn’t think that this would happen to me, but let me explain.

I do know about PH and everything else but two girls at my school talked able zoophilia, and at that time I had huge dogs, one is Zeus and the other was Hunter, so when I heard I became curious.
When I got home I made sure to get my dogs in my room and lock the door, I didn’t know what to do so I just searched it. After a while of ‘research’ I still was still a little hesitant, so I started rubbing their bellies and touched their dicks. After a while their dicks started to show and,… they definitely were big. Actually they were massive, red dog dicks which kinda got me turned on, so I took my panties off leaving me only with a small top and white long leggings, I then bent down to look at one of theirs, I didn’t even think and I immediately started to licking Hunter’s dick and it was so warm. After licking I started sucking on it and a few times I deep throated it, but without me knowing Zeus went behind me and started to lick my soaked vagina, and I got so horny I think I squirted on him but it didn’t stop him. When he stopped I felt him jump on me at the same time Hunter got up and started humping me. I was still sucking Hunter’s dick so he was deep throating my mouth and Zeus was pounding my pussy hard and I couldn’t break free from any of them, at some point I felt something really weird with their dicks because it felt like they got bigger and I realised they both knotted at the same time. It got so hot and pussy and were so sensitive, but I didn’t want it to stop. Until both of them cummed in me and it felt so hot. I was swallowing all of Hunter’s juices and Zeus was still pumping it all inside my womb, and they couldn’t stop or pull out.

Eventually they pulled out looking drained and I was laying on the bed feeling dead. I didn’t get pregnant but it did feel amazing to have their cum inside me and everything night from then on I’d let one into my room to fuck me, and then swap each night. All round one of many great experiences so just say if you guys want a part 2 of my dog fucking adventures.

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