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My 18 yr old swim teacher and the married woman

would have quit my adult swim lessons months ago had it not been for my sexy swim teacher Emma. She is an 18 yr old student and she teaches swim classes as her part time job. Emma is super pretty with short dark hair, high cheek bones, a small tight very compact fit body. Small beasts, a tight little ass and long slim legs make up her perfect looks.

Emma always starts the lessons wearing skinny shorts and she kneels down at the poolside giving us tips, and I look up her shorts. She gets in the pool later and I love it when she takes off her t-shirt and shorts and she’s standing there in either a black or a white one piece swimsuit. She looks like a fashion model and I instantly get hard.

There’s a woman in the lessons. Roxy, she’s 30 and attractive and she teased me about how I obviously lust over Emma. It started with Roxy telling me my tongue was hanging out when I was staring at Emma’s legs and progressed to Roxy putting her hand down my swim trunks and playing with my dock when Emma was bent over at the side of the pool talking to someone. Roxy would say things like ‘I bet you’d give anything to be in Emma’s tight little ass wouldn’t you’. I was shocked but very turned on, especially as Roxy was quite hot herself and she was saying such dirty things to me about a girl she knew turned me on.

One lesson Roxy asked me if I liked Emma’s cameltoe and at the end of the lesson I had to get out of the pool and hurry past Emma with an erection and quickly grab my towel. Roxy followed me into the unisex changing area and into my cubicle. I asked her what she was doing and she told me to shut up, close my eyes and pretend she was Emma. Roxy whispered in my ear’ You couldn’t take your eyes off Emma’s tight little 18yr old body, well I’m only 12 years older than her’. She pulled my trunks down and pulled the lower half of her pink one piece her swimsuit to one side and took my hard dick and eased it into her wet pussy.

Roxy and I fucked quietly but urgently. Roxy whispered ‘I’m Emma, cum deep inside me’. Seconds later I did. She also came moments later. I couldn’t believe it, I’d just fucked a married woman in her tight swimsuit while she encouraged me to think of our hot young swim teacher. Full of my seed Roxy kissed me for a while as I fondled her ass, she looked at my sticky dick, smiled and left.

I saw Roxy heading to her BMW in her tight yoga pants. She looked hot and I wondered how much of my cum was still inside her.

I normally had sex with my girlfriend on swim lesson night, fantasising to myself about Emma. That night we had extra passionate sex as I thought about Emma and how my dick had been in Roxy only a few hours earlier.

The next swim lesson Roxy winked at me as Emma took her shorts off to get in the pool her hand on my thigh underwater which meant I had to swim in my back with an erection that Emma could have seen.

Roxy was an attractive woman with a good body, I wouldn’t have cheated on my girlfriend normally, but because she was willing to indulge my Emma fantasies we became sometimes fuck buddies.

We often left the changing cubicles smelling of our sex and sometimes we would meet up elsewhere and fuck. Her husband didn’t like licking her pussy, something I was more than happy to do. I spent lots of time, my face between Roxy’s sexy thighs. She didn’t have to, but Roxy would tell me to pretend she was Emma and that I was licking Emma out. I liked it when Roxy would describe Emma in great detail and how she looked in her tight swimsuits.

Roxy wore one like Emma’s for me to fuck her in, she was not as skinny as teenage Emma, she was 30 not 18, but she still looked very sexy in it. Especially if I pulled out of of Roxy’s pussy and came over her in her swimsuit. Ropes of white cum all over her black one piece. She told me it would be incredibly hot if I licked my cum off her so I did as she told me I was licking it of Emma in her black swimsuit.

Roxy’s mouth and pussy and later her ass became holes for me to ejaculate in as she traced me about Emma. She would always make me cum by saying she would like to watch me fuck Emma then lick my cum out of her.

After one long fucking session, Roxy got me hard again as she masturbated while she fantasised about Emma and her body. I don’t know if she was really into it, but it did the trick it got me really hard again and I fucked married Roxy as she talked about teenage Emma for me.

All good things come to an end though and Emma quit, my girlfriend dumped me after I called her Emma by accident as I came in her and Roxy had thought I’d got her pregnant. The price we nearly paid as neither wanted to use a condom like her husband did. He remains none the wiser that his wife was being kicked out and fucked by a guy as she pretended to be Emma.

As for Emma, she probably knew I wanted her, she would stand in front of me in her revealing black swimsuit with her slim 18 year old body and long legs on display. I would try not to inspect it and not to get hard in front of her. She used to have a tiny smile on her face as if she was aware that I fantasised about her, but then again I expect most men she met did.

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