Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

More family time 4, the party

It did not take log before both my parents came over to where I was. I was still getting ate out by the lady. Mom sat down on the floor next to us, dad looked like he was going to also but as the lady finished with me, she pulled my dad closer by his cock and started sucking him. Mom asked me why was I downstairs, so I told her. She asked if I was OK, I was. She asked if I wanted to stay, and I really did badly. Mom looked at dad, they both had their unspoken thing, and mom told me it was OK then, but told me to stay in just the main two rooms, of our living room.
Oh, it was great I had so many of those older guys want me to such them off, it was funding great, so much cum, I could not get enough. Many of them stood around me when I was sucking someone, they all kept jacking off, cumming on me. I mean I was like so covered with cut, lol.
One guy who was sitting in mom’s chair had me come over to him, he wanted me to sit in his lap. Now this was not new to me by then, I had done many times by then, mostly with dad. The guy picked me up, I was facing him, and I sat down on his lap, he had been soft, but got hard quick. He helped lift me up again and lowered me down, his cock at my pushy, which was like dripping wet, his cock slid in very easy. Oh it did feel good, I started grinding at the same time he started pumping. My dad never did that, he just let us grind. And just like most of the night, other guys came over, wanting me to suck them or Jack off on me.
Now and then one of the older ladies would come close, they liked to move their hands all over me, which felt funny, as I had so much cut all over. This one lady liked my butt, she kept moving her finger in and out. Up to that point in time, I had never had a cock in me at the same time a finger, or cock was in my other hole, it was a totally new … great feeling.
I do not know how long I had fun, but was getting tired. Dad picked me up and carried me up to mom and dad’s room, he laid me down, and then ate my pushy out, that was my best cup of the night, dad knew just how I liked it. I woke up in the morning, between mom and dad.

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