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Japanese Delight

This is a true story when I was in the Navy and went to Japan for the first time. Boy was I shocked

When I was over seas I was stationed in Guam. We had a detachment to to japan and I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to go. I had never been there but have picked up on tons of Japanese girls in Guam on the beaches. I was 19 at the time and had a friend of mine that was in Japan many times and he taught me one valuable lesson in the fine art of picking up Japanese woman. He told me to go to the train station and look like I am lost which I did and played it out like a soap opera so dramatic. See they teach English in Japanese schools so the girls are dying to try it out. Anyways at the train station I was moving my head from side to side with my hand up to my face looking all confused. Sure enough here comes a really cute Japanese girl walking up to me.

She politely asked me if I was lost and I said “Yes!” of course playing the Confused trap game. One thing led to another and she seemed to really like me. She was really cute, 20 years old named Yoshi and had a really cute body and legs. She then got on the train with me to make sure I get to where I was going. By then I was holding her hand and kissing her and she fell for it. We exchanged numbers and off she went with a little kiss on my cheek as she blushed. The end of the week came and I called her setting up a date. We met at an open door restaurant and had dinner. The talk was amazing and she was obviously infatuated with me and wanted more as she knew American’s had a bigger cock then Japanese men..

She took me back to her place and it was a very beautiful house typical old school Japanese decor. We sat on the couch and had a drink she had brought me. She explained that her parents had both died and she was left with the house and to take care of her 12 year old sister Cho which means Butterfly. We were getting very hot kissing and hugging when I made my move. I kissed my way down her body ending at her panties lifting her skirt up. She was boiling hot with a huge wet spot that formed on them. I dove in and she screamed loudly jerking as she had never had a man lick her pussy before. The little sister 12 year old Cho came running into the living room and froze when she seen us. We didn’t see her as she did not make a sound. She just stood there watching me eat her sisters pussy out.

I finally looked over and seen Cho, I just smiled at her and she smiled back grinning from ear to ear blushing. Hearing her sister Yoshi moan almost non stop she began to rub her little virgin pussy. Yoshi had her eyes closed and her hands on my head pulling me in tight when she had a very big orgasm. She rocked and bucked on my face screaming until it finally subsided. When she got s little quieter that’s when she hear her little sister Cho having an orgasm. She shoots up off the couch fixing her clothes and panties all embarrassed and blushing. Cho just grinned at her as she rode out her orgasm Yoshi just standing there mouth open in disbelief. When little Cho was through with her orgasm she looks at her sister Yoshi and I grinning then exhales loudly saying “ WOW!, That was amazing!. I look at Cho in disbelief as I had no Idea she could speak such good English.

Yoshi excuses her self and her and Cho go into the bedroom to talk. I grab another drink and sit on the couch. Ten minutes later Yoshi comes back and sits on the couch and we begin to kiss again. This time it gets really hot and soon were both naked with Yoshi returning the favor. I busted a really explosive orgasm in her mouth and she lovingly swallowed it all. A few minutes later with some hugging, kissing and petting I was hard again and she wanted to ride me. Yoshi mounts me placing my hard throbbing cock at her entrance and lowers down on me. It took Yoshi over five minutes to wedge my 8 inch stiff cock in her unbelievably tight pussy. I was without a doubt the tightest pussy I had ever had up to that point. Finally fully in her she began to bump, grind and pump my cock with me not doing a thing.

She ground on me for 10 to 15 minutes but her extremely wet tight pussy had me over the top as did she and we both screamed out in orgasm. Once the orgasm finally subsided we both just collapse on the couch with my cock still in her tight pussy not letting go. My cock never went limp as her quivering pussy muscles kept it hard. Moments later she started again and 15 minutes later we screamed again in orgasm this time she was done rolling off me onto the couch panting like a dog. Later it was getting late and I had to go back to the base kissing her good by. As I left I looked over and their stood Cho with the door open grinning licking her lips as she watch and listened to us fuck the whole time. I winked at her as I left and she let out a squeal, grinning and blushing shutting the door.

The following weekend we did the same fucking like rabbits having a few very big orgasms each. We left for a while and when we returned a neighbor walked up and told her something and she told me she had to leave. Yoshi asked me if I could watch Cho for a few hours and I said sure no problem. Yoshi left and I went inside. I walked in and Cho was on the couch peacefully sleeping. I grabbed a beer and sat on the couch on the other end. Cho was dreaming and moved her legs exposing her cute tight little butt and pussy mound covered in cute light pink and white panties. I kept staring at her and soon found my cock hard as a rock. Cho moved again and actually moaned out loud then I look down and spied a wet spot on her panties. My cock got super hard and started to throb like mad.

I set my beer down and gently got off the couch moving into position, I pulled her legs gently over to me moving her panties over to the side and licked her precious wet bald mound parting her bright pink lips. I heard her gasp out moaning loudly. Within a few minute she was wet as hell almost dripping in her juices. She then woke up bolting to an upright position. I raise up and just look at her as she blinks a few times staring right into my eyes and face. I knew Cho new I was licking her pussy with all her pussy juice on my face gleaming bright. Slowly her corners of her mouth began to raise until she had a full blown grin on her face. Cho still looking into my eyes grinning slowly nods her head yes to me then says ”I want you to” Then leans back spreading her legs offering her virgin pussy to me.

I lean forward twirling my fingers in her panties pulling them off then her skirt. I gently lick her inner folds and she gasp out loud again grabbing my head moaning like her older sister did. That little girl came four times while I ate her out and the last one she squirted on me with her eyes wide open. she gasp at the amount of squirt then just grinned at me as her orgasm subsided. I look at Cho and asked her if she wanted to go farther and she grinned at me again shaking her head yes the biting her lower lip. I undress right there and when my cock sprung out of my pants Cho led out a loud gasp grinning then lurch forward grabbing my cock. Cho stroked and sucked my cock until I came which was not long. She did great swallowing almost my entire seed and I tell you it was a very big load. I sat on the couch for a few minute getting my wits back with Cho slowly stroking my limp cock back hard again.

She lays on her back and motions me on top of her and I get down in position and asked her if this is what she wants. She looks to me all starry eyed and lustfully says to me” I want an American to be my first!, I want you to be my first!”. I then lower onto her and break her hymen kissing her face and lips. She knew how to kiss amazingly good and we French kissed while I slowly fucked her virgin pussy. I didn’t think the pussy could be tighter then Yoshi’s but god was it ever. I was so wet and dripping but I literally had to force it in every time. Cho came three more times when I blasted her with one hell of a load like I have never had before. I didn’t think she and I were ever going to stop cumming. When we finally did I collapse on her panting like mad with sweat literally dripping from the both of us.

We laid on the couch for a little while holding each other then took a shower together. It was hilarious because she was only 4 feet tall and my half hard cock was right in her face poking her mouth. She sucked me again but we stopped and dried off getting dressed. We were sitting on the couch when Yoshi got home. She looks at me then looks at Cho and she sees we both have wet hair still and grins at me and Cho. Yoshi motions Cho to follow her into the bedroom and I hear them talking. Five minutes later Yoshi comes into the living room sitting next to me. She looks at me smiling rubbing her finger together telling me I had been a naughty boy. I smile back and she literally attacks me almost ripping my clothes off. Yoshi fucked my brains out that night cumming five times before we finally crashed out. The next morning I was awoken to a soft velvet mouth sucking my cock. I was about to cum so I pulled the sheet over expecting Yoshi but to my surprise it was Cho. I look over and Yoshi was still a sleep but not for long. I screamed out “I’M CUMING!” so loud Yoshi jumped up. I busted one hell of a load spewing thick jets of cum into little Cho’s mouth. Yoshi just sat their blinking taking it all in then bust up laughing as Cho struggles to swallow my huge load having cum all over her face and hands.

Cho coughs a few times, licks up all the cum off her hands and face then looks at me and Yoshi grinning from ear to ear. Yoshi and I bust up laughing then Cho does to. Yoshi asked me ”Do I like two Japanese females loving on you” I look to her all surprised “Hell yes I do!” I said to her. Both Yoshi and Cho look at each other nod their heads then grin at me leaning in kissing me all over. That morning was amazing having both of their tight pussies fuck my brains out. For the remainder of that day we stayed naked all three of us fucking the whole day through ending on the couch watching a movie with those two cuddling so close almost on top of me. The next day after some quick orgasms from them both I head back to the base.

The following week I arrive and was greeted with two big smiley faces with lots of hugs and kisses at the door. Yoshi gets me a beer and Cho follows me to the couch. Cho was so excited talking a mile a minute as she explain what she did at school. She told her friend that she lost her virginity to a 19 year old tall handsome American with a big cock. She said all her friends were so jealous and dreamy eyed as she described the events that took place. She said three of her girls friends squealed when she told then she woke up with me eating her pussy. Yoshi hands me a beer sitting next to me leaning over whispering in my ear “I think someone has a crush on you!. That makes two of us!” she says as she pulls away lustfully grinning at me. Yoshi asked me if I would like to go out with her and Cho and I said yes. She took us to a botanical Garden that was simply amazing. The beauty of the plants and the architecture were simply breath taking. Of course we had to stop for ice cream so I could treat my two favorite girls. They just giggles when I said that.

After the ice cream I asked what the both of them wanted to do and little cute Cho looked to me with a shit eating grin blushing “I wanna go home and have sex with you!” I chuckle and look at Yoshi she shrugs her shoulders and says “That makes two of us!”. I acted like I was all surprised and we all started laughing. Once back at the house I sit on the couch and again Yoshi brings me a beer. Cho went to her room and so did Yoshi. I knew those two were up to something I just didn’t know what. The next thing I know was these two walking in with matching sheer nighties on with nothing else that just blew my mind. Cho walks up to me and kisses me long on the lips then hops up and my lap grinding on my cock as we kiss. I look to Yoshi and she said to me “That’s what she wants so I said yes!” as she winks at me sitting beside me kissing me on the cheek. Cho can feel my hard cock grow and she moans loud as she grinds down harder. I reach under her and unzip my pants, Cho leans up as I pull them down letting them drop to my ankles.

My cock is rock hard now as Yoshi gets up getting behind Cho. She reaches under Cho gabbing my hard cock lining it up telling Cho it is ready. Cho eases down my shaft taking much more this time before having to stop and let her little pussy stretch. Slowly she works my entire shaft in her then lets out a huge breath and winces slightly. Within a few minutes she is grinding and swiveling her hips like a pro something I have never seen in such a young girl before. A few minutes later she is bouncing up and down on my shaft screaming as she did so close to an orgasm. Yoshi reaches around playing with Cho’s clit that is sticking straight out. Cho lets out a shriek and starts to convulse on my cock thrashing so wildly having one hell of an intense orgasm. Cho’s pussy muscles grip my thick shaft like a velvet vise squeezing my shaft almost to the point of being painful. Cho screams for many minutes while her orgasm rips her little frame to pieces as shock wave after shock wave riddle her little body.

I am at my tipping point having her velvet vice pussy almost rip my cock in two convulsing and spamming wildly on my throbbing shaft . I eject a massive load straight up into her splattering her inner walls with thick jets of semen. When Cho felt my powerful jets of semen hit her she came again and again like a never ending wave of heated passion. I must of shot 8 or 9 loads of sperm up in her before her and I collapse on the couch. Cho falls face first into my chest panting like a wild dog huffing and puffing completely spent beyond what her little body can handle. Yoshi gets up and sits next to me kissing me on the cheek hugging me. She then tells me “ I think our little girl had a big one and is done for the night!”. I look to Yoshi and say “I think your right she is out cold. Poor thing had a massive orgasm, Well she will remember that one for a long time”. As we both let out a little chuckle.

A few minutes later I get up kicking off my pants from my ankles and take Cho into the bedroom laying her down. Yoshi pulls the covers over her and says “Good night little sis, sweet cock dreams!”. We head back to the couch and both Yoshi and I have a glass of wine together. Yoshi looks to me and says “So how do you like Japan so far!”. I look to Yoshi with a big grin on my face and said “I simple love it and want more!” as I leaned over kissing her with passion. We moved to the bedroom and made love three more times before finally passing out in each others arms.

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