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I Want To Be Raped

I want to be raped. I don’t care if it’s by one person or many. By a dog or a human. A male or a female. I want to be tied down and spanked, and have a cock or pussy shoved in my mouth that I’m forced to lick and suck until my rapist is satisfied. I want to be recorded, degraded, and humiliated. I want to be told what a filthy fucking slut I am as my pussy and ass are pounded by cocks, dildos, fingers, and anything else my captors want to fuck me with.

I want to be kept as a sex slave to be used over and over again, my only worth is my well lubricated holes and the pleasure I can bring. I want to be chained up, strapped down, violated in every position by anyone who wants to use me. I want to be pissed and cummed on every day.

I want to be forced to take whatever is given to me. I want to be passed around at a party or sold from owner to owner. I want to be paraded around and fucked by anyone on the street. I want to be shoved into a suitcase naked and bound, with dildos shoved in my holes. I want to be placed in a cage and treated like a dog. I want dog cock inside me and be dragged from cock to cock, pussy to pussy on a leash.

I want to be bred. I want to be fucked while I’m pregnant with milk leaking out of my tits. I want to be hooked up to a milking machine while I’m fucked from behind. I want a butt plug in my ass while I labour. When my child is old enough, I know they will be fucked and/or fuck me. A girl will be kept with me and bred, a slave that I will perform with as we lick each other’s pussies and take cock up every hole. A boy will learn to be fucked in the ass and suck cock, but will also be trained to be a stud to knock me and other slaves up.

I want to be kept like this for the rest of my life, never having to worry about anything other than sex ever again.

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