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How I lost my virginity to an older girl

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My parents were going away for the weekend and they had made my big brother promise to take care of me. He is a pretty cool guy but he had other plans to go on a camping trip with a big group of other older teens. After our parents left on Friday he told me to get my shit together cause he was leaving in 15 minutes and if I want to come with the group I had better be ready and keep my mouth shut.
I was ready when he came back from the beer store and we loaded all the gear in his jeep and went to pick up some of his friends. The jeep was crowded by the time everyone had been picked up and I was stuck under two giggling girls that made my cock hard with all the moving around they were doing. I was just a kid for fuck sake my cock couldnt take this abuse and I ended up blowing my load twice on the trip up to the campo ground. One of the girls suddenly lifted up off my lap with a loud squeal saying to my brother that I pissed on her ass. The other girl just laughed and winked at me and lean over to whisper in my ear how it didn’t smell like pee. My face turned so fucking red.
My brother pulled over to the side of the road and everyone piled out, the girl with the wet ass was running around looking for her bag and the other girl threw me a towel as my brother dragged me by the arm into the trees. He ripped the towel from my hand and looked at the wet spot in the front of my pants for a few seconds then he started to laugh. He said that wasn’t piss was it? It was cum. I tried to deny and he just said dont worry about it that he would like to cum on her ass too, only he would like it if she was naked. He went back to the jeep and grabbed me another pair of shorts and then we got back under way with the wet ass girl sitting somewhere else and the girl that winked at me on my lap. She whispered in my ear to try and save anymore cum for later which made me want to crawl under the seat. It wasn’t to much further until we were there and although I did get hard again which the girl winked at me and giggled about I had managed not to cum.
Everyone set up camp and started a fire then hit the small lake for a swim. Their friends that had got to the lake earlier were already in the water goofing around or sitting on the shore drinking beer or some other booze. I stayed out of every ones way as most of them were couples anyway and much older then me. The girl who winked at me came over and asked if I wanted to swim with the rest of them and told me her name was Jen. I let her drag me over to one of the fires and she handed me a coke as my brother gave me fuck off looks. I say back on the fringe and drank my coke, Jen was off with some guy somewhere so I was by myself.
The day wore on with some people getting pissed drunk and other off having sex so I figured I had better go to my tent and go to sleep. When I went into my tent I had the scare of my life as I pulled off my clothes and went to get into my sleeping bag naked. There was someone already in it and a voice I recognized as Jen’s although a little slurred and drunk sounding said it was about time I came to bed . Then she reached up and grabbed my hand pulling me down onto the bag.
I didnt know what to do but she did and started kissing me on the mouth as her hand took hold of my fast hardening young cock. How cum you didn’t cum all over my ass? she said. Then giggled and started stroking my cock in earnest. Fuck me I was gonna cum, I had never had anyone touch my cock before and it felt fucking great. Jen told me to tell her if I was gonna cum and I said I think so any minute. With that she got up on her hands and knees and sucked my cock into her mouth, sending me way over the edge and I sprayed the inside of her mouth with my cum in about 4 huge squirts which she swallowed to my amazement. Jen milked my cock getting every last drop and then she laid back on the sleeping bag and told me it was my turn.
I just looked at he rhot naked body and the wet hairy pussy that was between her legs not sure what to do. She told me to get between her legs and eat her out. So i got between her legs and licked her pussy like I had seen on the pornos I jerked off to. Jen told me a few thing s to do and I adjusted until she was saying yes yes yes and holding my head clamped onto her pussy that was squirting delicious juices into my mouth and down my throat. I want to eat her pussy forever but when she relaxed her legs from around my head a little she looked up at me like she was making a decision and then asked me if I wanted to fuck her?
Fuck her? Fuck her? Hell yeah I wanted to fuck her I had a raging hard on from eating her delicious cunt and now she was asking if I wanted to fuck her. YEAH I said and tried to slam my cock into her pussy but she blocked me and said to take it easy stud I know you are a virgin but their is a proper way to put your cock inside a woman. I eased off and she told me to rub my cockhead up and down between her soaking wet pussy lips covering it with her warm juices. I rubbed it fast on her little clit that was sticking out and she was squirming all over the bag, so I knew she really liked that. Then she wrapped her legs around me and guided my cock inside the opening of her pussy. Slowly she said as I melted into her wet warmth.
She started to move under me and my cock slide in and out of her until I couldn’t get any more inside her pussy, I kept hitting the bottom or something each time I drove down into her and she would squeal. OH fuck yes oh fuck she moaned bucking under me OH yes fuck me she cried and I sure did fuck her it was fucking awesome. The velvet inside o fher pussy was sliding up and down my young virgin cock like a velvet glove and I was glad I had already cum but even still I wasn’t gonna last long. Don’t cum inside me she told me and I said ok but then her hips thrust upwards as she let out a loud squeal, her legs crushing my waist as I felt a hot fluid cover the length of my cock and gush out over my balls. I dont care what I promised when I felt that I came in gushes that never seem to stop filling her cunt full of my cum. We both started to cum down nad she asked if I came in her and I told her I had. She lay there for a minute with me on top of her and my cock still hard and buried inside her pussy.
Then she started to move again and said fuck it I will take a morning after pill on Monday when we get back. I fucked Jen a dozen times over the next wo days and filled her cunt each time> AKll of the guys were calling me stud and some of the girls gave jen a hard time. My brother shook my hand and gave me a hug and a beer.

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