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High School Classes Almost Caught Playing with Penises

In the summer of high school, I can’t remember what class it was, I didn’t listen well to the lecture, the class time along with the gap in the collar to peek at the girl’s tits at the same table, look at the rise, so the textbook slanted to the legs to block the crotch, with the hand to pull out the penis to play with, play when it is particularly nervous, while to be careful not to be found by the table, but also to pay attention to the teacher not to suddenly come down from the podium, because I sat in the first row. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I can see that I’m distracted, and I’m in a cold sweat, and I’m scared to death of my penis. I think she saw me shoving my penis into my crotch just after she said that, and her face turned red. I didn’t know how to answer the question and was reprimanded by the teacher for being distracted in class all day, like listening to the books of the heavens and so on. I was reprimanded by the teacher, who told me I was distracted in class, like listening to a book of the sky, and so on. If I had been caught, I probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid such an outcome.
Thank you all for reading my embarrassing story!

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