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Fucked my girlfriend and her mum

Love the feel of silky lingerie on a woman.

I met my girlfriend when i was a bus driver, she was 18 and i was 26, I picked her up from her mums house for our first date she got into the car rearranged her skirt when i noticed she was wearing a petticoat. We went for a drink and a chat got back in the car and started kissing her, I suggested finding somewhere more quieter and she knew just the place, when we got there we reclined the seats started kissing and fondled her breasts through her jumper without any resistance, I moved my hand under her jumper and she was wearing a silk bra, eventually i was kissing her boobs and licking her nipples when i put my hand under her skirt feeling her petticoat and realizing she was wearing silky knickers as well, I went down on her rubbing my face over her knickers and gave her oral. Yes I fucked her senseless cumming deep inside, she told me she was not on birth control and although she was worried she did give birth to a beautiful baby girl and just over 2 years later we were married.
We lived at her mums house for quite sometime she was in fact only 35 years old, after a while she said why did it happen so soon, I truthfully said that Lorraine was wearing silky lingerie and i got turned on and couldn’t help myself her mum just said ok. I was soon to find out her mum did fancy me and was as a single mother feeling broody and on occasions wore a mini skirt and silky knickers. One Saturday evening Lorraine was going out with her friends for the evening which left me with her mum and the baby, her mum went and had a shower and on coming back downstairs she was wearing a satin robe, satin petticoat and bra and soon found out satin knickers as well, I went and had a shower myself and my cock was as stiff as stiff could be and knew where it would end up going, after the shower I went down stairs wearing boxer shorts and soon started teasing her and started kissing quite passionately, I was running my face all over her satin lingerie and robe and kissing and licking the whole of her body, she openly asked me to make her pregnant and that she would not say anything to Lorraine about it, I nodded and fucked her twice that evening before Lorraine got home and fucked her again 2 days later, about 9 weeks later she told me she was pregnant, 2 months later Lorraine told me she was pregnant again and even now i still have full blown sex with her mum when possible.

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