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Fat Girl Bummer

Fat girl was so desperate for a bf that all we did was blowjobs

I’ve always been interested in fat chicks. Not because I am attracted to them, but instead because of what I can get away with in the bedroom.

You see, what I have discovered is that there are a group of fat chicks out there who basically never get validation from men, so when I show them just a little interest, they are willing to do anything to keep me interested. I have been able to get whatever I want in the bedroom, from not bothering with condoms to not reciprocating oral.

I learned this back in college when I was seeing this big girl that was absolutely obsessed with me. She kept mentioned how I am 6’4′ and she couldn’t believe that a guy with abs would match with her. I knew that she had the perfect combination of desperate and low self esteem.

We started with doggystyle because that was always my favorite position and it meant that I didn’t have to look at her during sex. I also felt like it was appropriate for her to be bent over during sex, kind of symbolic for her role.

I kept sticking to doggystyle even after learning that she couldn’t orgasm in that position. It didn’t matter so I kept it going and it made it even better knowing that she was submitting to something she didn’t get pleasure from.

I insisted on blowjobs as the only foreplay but always knew sex came next. However, after I bent her over I kept having the same thought in my head. I kept thinking that I wanted oral during sex. So I just started telling her during sex that she should be blowing me instead. And she would immediately get down and suck. I kept this going so that our sex always began and ended with her mouth. She was super excited and would get down right away and initiate the facial.

When she was on her period she knew that I expected blowjobs for a week, even if her period was shorter. And when the week was up I would eventually go back to penetration. However, when I felt like it, I started skipping sex even when she was off her period, so after a long blowjob when she thought I was finally going to bend her over I would just nut in her face instead. She was always happy to please me but I could tell that she was sometimes disappointed that I didn’t fuck her. She was very self conscious and shy about sex so she never questioned my decisions in the bedroom.

I enjoyed skipping sex so much that I did it just for fun. I loved seeing her reaction and just accepting that I am in charge and she should be thankful for the blowjobs. Sex became something that we only did on special occasions and we never talked about it ahead of time so she never knew when I blowjob would turn into doggy or just end with a facial. She would go above and beyond to please me in an attempt to get bent over but most of the time I would just skip it. She knew that if she asked, the answer would always be no to sex. So she didn’t say anything and just settled for face fucking.

She was afraid I was losing interest and she was scared to lose me so she made sure I always got a blowjob first thing each time we met up. And when I went long periods without bending her over she never said anything about it.

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