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The Mandela effect gets worse
At the large hadron collider in Switzerland, the scientific group was beginning their new experiment. Trying to see if they could affect the path of microwave radiation with the collider. The enormous machine powered up and dumped a frightful amount of power into a microwave beam.

At that exact moment in Washington state. Cindy Smith was trying to get her friend’s jakey microwave to work.

“Bethany, I swear we’re both going to get cancer from this damn thing.” She said as she pushed the start button. At the same moment the radiation wave from CERN intersected the microwave field.

Cindy felt an electrical arc streak from her finger up into her entire body. She had the sensation of rushing down a long tunnel at high speed. Darkness rushed toward her from the end of the tunnel.

After what felt like an instant Later she opened her eyes laying in her own bed at home, her alarm clock was going off.

Cindy lay there a moment trying to process what was going on. The alarm clock blared obnoxiously; she felt dizzy and her hormones were raging like never before in her life. She was no virgin having lost her virginity when she was just 13 but she had never felt this horny before.

To her astonishment, her mother barged into her room stark naked.

“Cindy, you simply have to turn off this to the alarm.” She said. The busty blonde haired woman poked the button on the alarm clock to make it shut up.

Cindy could only goggle at her mother’s tall Nordic features. She had never realized that her mother kept her pussy shaved, She was as clean as a newborn baby.

Frowning her mother said “We simply have to do something about your hair!”

To Cindy’s further astonishment her mother climbed up on the bed. Monica Smith put her legs on Cindy’s arms to pin her to the mattress. As her daughters eyes bugged, she dropped her shaved snatch on to Cindy’s face, and started pulling her hair.

Cindy was simultaneously mortified, astonished and turned on.

Her mother said “Come on, You know what you’re supposed to do.” and begin to grind her clit against Cindy’s mouth.

Monica said “Oh going to be stubborn are we?” turning her head She yelled down the hall.

“Jacob, come and give me a hand.” Jacob was her father’s name, the man walked into the bedroom.

Her father also was stark naked and sporting a huge hard-on.

Cindy’s capacity for astonishment had been overwhelmed. Her father’s privates were also shaved.

Cindy’s mom said “Come on dear, get in here with that hard on, and give our girl a reason to lick mommy’s clit.”

“You got it honey.” He said yanking down the covers to expose Cindy’s naked body.

In the back of her mind, she wondered when the hell she gotten naked?

She felt her dad move her legs and crawl up onto the bed, his big hand spread her legs wide as he snuggled up his crotch towards hers.

The over stimulation was beginning to overwhelm the girl. In self-defense, she began sucking on her mother’s clit. Anything to get her to quit grinding her lips against her teeth

“There’s a good girl.” her mother cooed, just as her father jammed his entire 8-in cock up her tight pussy.

Cindy had often daydreamed about her hunky father. Every girl has a crush on her dad. This was the most attention she remembered getting from her parents in the years. Cindy knew it was wrong that she was being molested but, could not help but be thrilled.

Her daddy obviously knew how to fuck a girl. He had her hips up so the tip of his dick was rubbing back and forth on her g spot.

Cindy began sucking hard on her mother’s clit, starting to love the taste and smoothness. Her mother began to make appreciative noises.

Her daddy patted her on the ass and said “There, that’s my good girl.” as he began to hammer into her faster.

Cindy’s mother finished the second braid. And started to use the braids as handles to further grind her crotch into her daughter’s face. Cindy simply gave in to all these stimulations and began to gyrate her hips at her father

Jason said “Well, finally Someone seems to be in the mood.”

Her mother Monica suddenly went stiff and came hard, and squirted a little bit into Cindy’s mouth.

Cindy had never had a girl squirt on her before, though she had licked her friend’s pussy more than once. The sensations continued to overwhelm her and she felt her own orgasm crashing into her.

She locked her legs around her dad’s hips. This was too much for the older man and he began to pump his hot seed into her tight pussy

With a chuckle Jason said “Good thing we have with you on the depo shot huh ?”

After catching her breath, her mother climbed down off the bed. She said “Well, I have to get ready for work, so does your dad, you little lady!” She said pointing sternly at Cindy “has better not miss the bus again!”

Both parents left the room holding hands and talking about work. Cindy lay there in a daze feeling her dad’s sperm leaking out of her onto the bed.

As a parting remark, her mother said “And shave that pussy young lady, that hair looks so unkempt!”

Trembling, Cindy got to her feet and moved mechanically to her bathroom, turning on the shower. She had about an hour and a half to get ready for school.

Still in shock, she continued moving. Robotically the teenager got into the shower and as her mother requested carefully shaved her crotch.

She then used the showerhead to wash her daddy’s sperm off her, so it wouldn’t run down her legs all day.

After toweling off she went to her dresser and received a further shock. All of her clothes looked different. Nothing but short skirts thong underwear, tight tops, or midriff tops. Thigh high stockings or knee high socks was all she had to dress in.

She decided on a black thong black thigh highs, a short black skirt, and a tight white spaghetti strap top.

She put on slightly chunky heels. looking at herself in the mirror and thought “I look like an anime character.” Big blue eyes blonde pigtails to top off the look

Cindy went downstairs. Her brother was in the kitchen jerking off into a bowl of cereal.

Cindy felt like she could never be surprised again, as he sprayed sperm into the bowl and handed it to her. Saying here you go come dumpster. Eat it quick before the cereal gets soggy

David, zipped up his pants, grabbed his backpack and ran out the door.

Cindy sat down and began eating the salty sweet cereal realizing that she actually liked the taste. “Good God, what’s wrong with me? Have I always been this much of a slut?

Her older sister Rebecca came down dressed for work putting on bright red lipstick .

Rebecca grabbed Cindy by the hair cranking her head back grabbing her by the throat and giving her a long, passionate French kiss.

“There you go slut girl, now you have lipstick on.” She said with a smile she walked out the door too.

Cindy finished eating and rinsed out the bowl. Looking at herself in the mirror, she fixed the smudging of the red lipstick but left her lips red otherwise.

Now she walked to the bus stop. She realized people were slowing down to look at her. A couple of men walking down the street rub their crotch but then looked at their watches and walked away. Looking disappointed

When she got to the bus stop, her friend Bethany was there. “Where did you disappear to last night?” She said coming in way closer than usual. Bethany didn’t usually show her affection in public , she did not want to be labeled as a dyke.

Cindy tried to mumble some excuse but, Bethany had slid her hand up Cindy skirt. She was squeezing Cindy’s ass cheek.

“Don’t worry,” she said “you can make it up to me on the bus.” The big yellow transport pulled up in the door is hissed open.

Bethany all but dragged her onto the bus holding her hand the whole way. Cindy had never had this much physical attention in public before she realized just how much it meant to her.

The bus driver casually groped her chest as the two girls went by. Cindy was just wearing a sports bra, as her size a tits did not need real support.

As they went down the aisle, other hands reached out grope hertits, stroke, her legs, touch her arm. . Hungry eyes followed them to the back.

Beth pushed Cindy in first so she could pin her up against the wall in the corner of the seat.

Instantly her hand went up Cindy’s skirt pushing her thong to the side. Bethany was trying to worm her fingers into Cindy’s already dampening cunt.

Cindy struggled somewhat weekly. Looking annoyed, Beth looked over the back of the seat and said “Bill help me hold her. Will you?”

Bill was all too eager to reach over the seat and grab Cindy’s arms and pull them up and trap them under his much stronger arms.

That gave him the opportunity to pull up her shirt and sports bra and began to fondle her breasts.

Miranda and dark skin girl also leered over the seat watching intently. Bethany began running her 2 entwined fingers in and out of Cindy’s now stopping wet pussy using her thumb to rub on the girl’s clit.

Cindy heard the sound of a zipper from the seat behind them as Bethany planted her lips over Cindy’s right nipple and began sucking hard.

Completely trapped and on display for everyone on the bus. Cindy could only moan as her friend found her g-spot .

She could already feel her orgasm coming on.

Billy moaned in the back seat and got Bethany’s attention for a moment who looked over the seat and then went back to Cindy’s other nipple.

Cindy was now panting like she was running a race. Her friend’s hand frantically fucking fingers in and out of her pussy starting to leave a wet spot on the seat. The gusset of her thong panties were already wringing wet.

Billy gritted and said, “Oh god!” or something like that. Cindy stopped noticing as she came on her friend’s fingers. Bethany gave her no relief but kept constantly postoning her fingers in and out, pushing the young girl towards yet another orgasm.

The girl in the back seat reached over and pried Cindy’s mouth open. She held her other hand over Sydney’s open mouth. The cum on her hand from Billy’s cock started dripping onto Cindy’s mouth.

Miranda began to squeeze her fist forcing more of the slimy salty mess into Cindy’s mouth. In the end she resorted to scraping the last of it off on Cindy’s teeth.

The girl forced Cindy’s mouth shut, the boy in the back seat added in his hand. Even Bethany put her hand on top of the pile.

The three teenagers holding her mouth shut forcing her to swallow the boy’s sperm. Cindy’s cheeks blushed with humiliation. To her surprise, she found that she thoroughly enjoyed this humaniation and all of the attention.

All three of the teenagers began to stroke and pinch her nipples while her friend continued her frantic fingering of her newly shaving pussy.

Cindy knew the school was only 15 minutes away but, it seemed to drag on for hours.

She honestly lost track of the amount of orgasms her friend had given her. She was so wet that the back of her short skirt also had a wet spot on it now.

Mercifully the school soon was in view and she was allowed to pull her shirt down and rearrange her clothing.

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