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Black Christmas for Wife

Wife Seduced by a Black Man at Christmas Party. She liked it.

It all started when we were stationed in Germany. I was in the army and was a company commander, and had a black first sergeant. Once during Christmas season, we had the lieutenants and senior sergeants over for a Christmas Party. I noticed that every time my wife went into the kitchen to get some more snacks for our guests the First Sergeant (Smitty) would go into the kitchen as well. I started peeking and noticed he was very attentive to my wife (Mitsy) and she seemed to be enjoying the attention. When the guests started going home, my wife informed me that Smitty was staying to help clean up and for me to just go to bed and they would take care of things.

As I had been thinking about watching my wife with another man,,,had fantasized about it,,, I decided I would see if anything developed. I played like I was drunk and asked my wife to bring me another bourbon and coke,,as I lay on the couch. I had good hearing and listened as she whispered to Smitty that she would mix my drink extra strong and maybe I would pass out. I took the drink that she brought me and poured it in the flower pot and acted like I was passed out. She soon walked over and called my name and said “Time to go to bed”. I just ignored her and acted like I was passed out. I heard her tell Smitty that I was passed out and would not wake till morning. I heard them go upstairs and I waited for a few minutes and went up and the bedroom door was open and they were sitting on the side of the bed smooching and feeling each other up.

Soon they were naked and in bed and playing with each other. The moonlight was shining thru the one window just right. She said so you want my white pussy huh, ??? Yep, he replied and you want some black cock,,,Yep,,,He was soon pounding her and she had feet in air and holding on for dear life,
Breed me! You are my big black stud! Do you love your white momma? He replied, Yes, you are my white bitch now,,,,,any time I want you, right. Oh yes I am all yours. Etc etc etc. I left and went back to my couch and went to sleep. I knew she was well fucked and I enjoyed watching. I did not get to watch again as they got together when I had to go to headquarters for a meeting once a week. I never told my wife that I knew she was fucking the big black stud.
(There is more to this story and I will need to write some other time, After I left the army, we encountered Smitty again).

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