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Baby sitting fun

Ok so I’m 49 years old and my next door neighbour I’m pretty close with. She has 1 daughter who I will name measha, she’s only 12 bit is a really nice polite girl. I spend a fair bit of time there and for some reason she keeps on calling me naughty Mike which I can’t understand as I have never done or said anything bad which I can think of…don’t get me wrong when she was in the back garden once in her bikini my cock started to twitch. Anyway 1 day my neighbour asked if I could watch her as she had been let down my her baby sitter so I obliged straight away. I went round at 7pm and as soon as I walked through the door she ran at me shouting naughty Mike and she jumped up at me and wrapped her legs around my waist to which I grabbed I thighs and held her for a moment.
Her mum went out and said she had left me a few beers in the fridge and told me she’d be back at 2am so I had like 5 hours with her daughter but never in my life did I think the night would end up like it did.
After about 30 mins of her mum leaving she said she was going upstairs to get changed so I sat on the sofa watching TV. I heard her run down the stairs and when she was by the front room door she told me to close my eyes which I did…after a couple of seconds she told me to openy eyes and right before me she had a silk crop top on and some tight silk shorts on…I looked her up and down and automatically felt my cock twitch, I told her she looked lovely and she giggled as she clambered onto my lap. I tried to concentrate on the TV as opposed to my eyes over her. I asked her why she kept calling me naughty Mike as I was concerned that her mum may think things and she giggled and told me that she had a dream ages ago and still has them of me touching her and she really liked it…I was completely shocked but also curious what she dreamt about so I pressed even more to ask more details. She was still sat on my lap and giggling and asked me to promise I wouldn’t say anything to her mum. I promised not to say anything and asked her to explain what she had been thinking about. She giggled and proceeded to tell me that a few weeks ago when I was there last I had some tight shorts on and she admitted she couldn’t keep her eyes off my package and that night she kept thinking about it and ended up playing with her pussy…now bear in mind this little princess was only 12 and was so turned on by me ..I laughed at her and said your lying to which she said she wasn’t and she was happy that I was baby sitting her and kept reminding me that her mum won’t be home for another 4 hours and then she started to grind against me and I felt my cock getting really hard as she rubbed and giggled against me, I told her to stop as I could feel my cock getting more harder and thicker and she knew it was she grinder on me more and gasped a little as my thick cock was working it’s way in her. She looked at me and giggled and said it felt so good so I moved over some more and positioned her properly and grabbed her hips and helped her grind some more at this point my cock was raging to get out and she knew it as she grinder harder and I heard her panting with her eyes closed . After a couple of minutes she was really going for it and I couldn’t help but run my hands over her little 12 year old titties to which she groaned and grinder on me ever harder. As the rhythm picked up I helped her take off her silk top and gently nibbled on her little titties as she panted harder and grinded on my big hard cock. She looked at me and gasped naughty Mike as I pushed her onto the sofa and slid my hands down her tight silk shorts and cupped her sweet wet pussy and worked my fingers as she was gasping and grinding her hips Upto meet my fingers, whilst I’m finger fucking her tight pussy my cock is twitching to get out so I release my jeans and get my hard cock out…her eyes light up and immediately she wraps her tiny hand around my cock and lovingly looks at it as I help her wank me off…this little girl is so fucking horny as she’s wanking me off and I get her to kneel down in front of me and tell her to pen her mouth so she can taste me…doesn’t take her long to take my thick cock in her mouth and suck on it like a lolly pop to which I’m so close to blowing my load so I ask her to lay on the sofa and take off her silk shorts and show me how she plays to which she does…I then put my head between her legs and start eating her sweet lil pussy and sucking on her clit…after 10 mins of me eating her she’s literally begging me to fuck her…how can I resist fucking this little beauty so I get my big ard cock and rub it up and down her bald lil moist puss, this lil beauty really wants fucking as she bucking her hips Up trying her best to get the thick head of my cock inside her. After a couple of minutes of teasing her I slide into her and she lets out a little yelp and I slide deeper into her, for the 1st 30 seconds she wanted me to stop as it was hurting but after I calmed her down she got into it and forgot about the pain as I pounded deep into her little virgin pussy and she was moaning fuck me harder naughty Mike fuck me little pussy…I think I lasted like 8 mins before I pumped by load deep into her.

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