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Afternoon Anal Delight with my Amazon Queen

I’ve been wanting to fuck Ashley’s ass for the past couple weeks. The rainy afternoon day that flowers use to bloom, brought the opportunity for her ass to blossom into a beautiful rose bud.
Just to give a little update I’ve been banging Ashley now for about 4 months now, and it’s been the best sex I’ve had in a long time. My Amazon Queen if you don’t remember is a 6 foot stunner. Long brunette hair, which after she found out I like redheads started adding a little red into hers. Which goes perfect with her milky white skin. She’s been on the workout kick for a little so her nice round ass is picking up definition and getting firmer. Now when I smack her ass you hear that solid sound. Her long shapely legs are toned and strong as hell, when she wraps them around me it’s tough for me to break free when she squeezes them. Her C cup breasts are firm as can be, but still squeezable with her smaller size rock hard nipples. She doesn’t even wear a bra half the time and people comment on how good her boobs look. Her killer emerald green eyes burn with sexual desire when I look into her with her beautiful smile.

I never went for the taller full figure women till I started fucking her. Now I can’t get enough of her. Even when I watch porn now I look for the taller fuller figured women. She moves around so gracefully when we have sex. Feeling so light laying on top of me but yet when she rides me I feel it deep inside me when she thrusts down on my cock.

Since I started playing around with her feet more, she goes for regular pedicures not that she needed them before, but it turned her feet into silk. Her foot jobs now are awesome, her feet feel like velvet sliding up and down my cock. When she’s on her period, she would give me foot jobs at times, along with great blowjobs too. I’d cum all over her feet then tell her to put her socks on, if she was wearing any, or put her shoes on and send her home with cum soaked feet every once in a while. Come to find out that she was getting off on it, and it would build her horniness up that when fucked again it literally felt like she was trying to break my cock, but in a good way.

It was a early rainy spring day, and I decided to take the afternoon off. Really it was a good day to nap and watch some old war movies. I let Ashley know that I was available anytime in the afternoon, since she’s been home for a couple days. “Hey I’m off too, well I’m going to get my hair done but, it would be nice to see you when I’m done.” She told me. “Will you come pick me up later?”. “Sure, just let me know when.” I told her. So I got something to eat and took a nap for a while then got ready to go pick her up.

I drove over to get her and she was walking out of the house as I pulled in. She looked gorgeous with her hair all done from the salon. She had on some extra makeup which made her eyes and smile stand out more. She looked too good for just jeans and a pullover. “Wow you look great” I told her as she jumped in the truck. “Thanks babe, I figured I get all dolled up for you.” She said giving me a kiss. “Well you didn’t have to go through all that trouble for me. I thought we would just relax at the house” As I placed my hand on her thigh. She giggled a little and told me “My hairdresser did it for me, I told her I was going to see you and she said I should show off for you and to get you all excited. Plus I stopped for a mani and pedicure.” As she showed me her glossy purplish nails. “I like that color.” I tell her as I kiss the top of her hand giving her a smile.

We get to the house and I finally notice the bag she was carrying. “What’s in the bag?” I ask. “Ohh it’s a surprise. For later.” She said softly. As I see her cheeks starting to flush. As we stand in the living room making out. The smell of her perfume working it’s way into my nose. The feel of her soft pouting lips surrounding mine. Her tongue sliding into my mouth every so often as I hold the back of her neck while my other hand moves down her body to her hip then her ass. I squeeze her ass feeling the firmness. “Mmmm” she muffled through the kissing. “I guess you don’t want to wait for later” As she broke away from our kissing. “I’m curious of what’s in the bag.” I said to her with a big smile on my face. “Well go upstairs and wait while I get ready.” She motioned to me. I go up the stairs into the bedroom and strip down to my boxers, as she came up the stairs behind me and into the far bathroom.

As I lie in the bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, I check to make sure I have my phone and everything else off. I hear the door opening and hear her walking towards the bedroom. I look to see her coming through the door and my jaw dropped, my loins rippled with ecstasy, a bulge growing in my boxers.

She stood there in the doorway with 6in black patent leather stilettoes on, in a all black lingerie teddy. The sheer black thigh highs she had on made her legs look like a piece of art. Her rock hard nipples poking through the sheer black lace. The lacey panel showing her mound off as she turned a little to the side as I see the thong separating her ass cheeks. It was topped off with a see through short robe, that she was standing there swinging the two ends of the belt closer around. “WOW look at you, you look amazing. You’re so fucking sexy.” I say to her as I walk to her. “Thanks stud, I thought you would like it.”

We skipped the rest of the small talk and started kissing each other hard and slow. Our lips smacking off each others. With our tongues intertwining and sliding in and out of each others mouth. With the heels on she was a few inches taller than me so she needed to lean her head down towards me to jam her tongue all the way into my mouth. I started caressing her breasts then worked my way down to her ass. After a few minutes I guide her towards the bed, as we sit on the edge of the bed she drapes a leg over me. I caress her whole leg from her foot all the way up to her hip. I grab her ass again and squeeze it softly a few times.

I push her to her back and grab her ankles and lift her legs up to my shoulders. Her high arches sticking up out of her heels, I start kissing on the sides of her feet. Working my way down the front and back of her legs. Once I pass her knee I start sucking on the inside of her thighs. Working my way down to her crotch. I kiss her pussy mound through the lingerie, working my up her other thigh and back again. This time I kiss right on her pussy, pulling up on the teddy a little. It was a little moist.

I sit up and move her feet back down towards my pulsing growing cock. As she rolls her ankles around teasing me with her feet. I drop my boxers and rub her arches all over my cock feeling the silkiness of the thigh highs, my shaft starts to swell even more. She starts playing around with my cock and balls with her feet. Sliding her heels up and around, letting my cock drap over her feet, rubbing her arches on to me more. She gripped the tip of my cock with the tips of her heels, squeezing a little spot of precum out of me, leaving a wet spot on her heels. I spread her legs apart. I push her knees back into her shoulders and lay down in front of her swollen moist pussy.

I snap open the crotch of the teddy, her pussy glistening with her sweet juices. As I look at her mound and her swollen labia, I can see she was freshly shaved, her landing strip was squared off and trimmed neatly. Her labia was still moist from the lotion she rubbed all over herself. I glance at her asshole, it was puckered closed, looking tight. Figured I would have to work at it again to get it loosened up from the last time I played with it.

I went to work on her pussy first, slowly licking at her clit then flicking at her tiny lips. “Mmmmm yeah that’s it.” She moaned out as I separated her pussy lips with my tongue, and slowly started sliding my tongue in and out of her wet hot hole. Rolling my tongue around her inside, I feel her hands on my head, rubbing her fingers through my hair, pressing my head into her crotch every so often.

“Yess baby, Mmmmm yeah ahhh.” She calls out as I worked my way around her hole. I tongue punch her pussy a few times, then lick at her taint to lap up the juices leaking from her. My tongue every so often tapping the top of her asshole making her yelp, “Ahh, Ahh, Ahhh.” I feel her leg shift down my back sliding it up and down me until I feel her heel land on my back. I started licking at her asshole, making small circles around it. Flicking my tongue at her taint and at the edge of her ass. “Ohh My God, yesss FUCK UH UH.” She yelled as I try to stick my tongue inside her asshole. I keep tongue punching at it as I feel her hips bucking. I start going back and forth between her pussy and asshole. Jabbing my tongue in both of her holes.

I stopped and sucked on her taint for a little “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh yesss FUCK.” She started rotating her hips more. I mouth her whole pussy and suck in hard, feeling her juices flowing into my mouth and down my throat. I feel her start digging her heel into my back. Squeezing me with her leg not letting my head up from her crotch. “Yesss AHH AHH AHH.” I was able to squeeze my hand in under my mouth and get my fingers into her pussy a couple times till they were soaked.

As I took my middle finger to her asshole, pressing in on it. I feel it slide in, her ass swallowing my finger drawing it in. I thrust a few times while still sucking on her clit, her hips gyrating wild now. I feel her dig her heel harder into my back as she squeezed my head into her crotch with her leg. “Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh, UHH UHH UHH Ahhhhh.” She couldn’t speak she just moaned out. I feel her asshole grip my finger as she cummed. I feel her leg quiver as she released my head and I sit up.

She laid there trying to catch her breath. I lift her leg and put one on my shoulder. I hold her other by the ankle as I grab my throbbing cock with my free hand and smack it off her pussy a couple times. My pre cum leaking out on to her.

I slide my cock up and down her pussy till I feel her wetness all over it. I press the tip of my cock into her. I feel her folds open up as I slide all the way to her back wall. “Ahhhh” she gasps out as I feel her pussy gripping my cock, I hold deep in her. She lifts her hips up and down a couple times letting me know that I can start pumping into her. I start my thrusts, long, deep, and slow.

“Mmmmm ahh ahh fuckk yess baby Mmmm.” My cock already hard as a rock, my balls tightening, I pick up my pace. “UH UH UH UH yeah fuck that feels good.” She moans to me as I keep pumping away. As I look down I can see she already creamed on my cock. I feel my balls quiver. I pull out quick and pump a load of precum out on her mound. I rub it all over her with my cock. She reaches down with her fingers and rubs her landing strip, rubbing my cum into her pubes. She takes her fingers back to her mouth to suck them clean. I clean my tip off and slide my rock hard throbbing cock back into her.

I shift and grab both her ankles holding her legs apart. I started pounding her hard. It wasn’t just sex anymore we moved on to passion. “UH UH Ahh Ahh UH UH” our moans copy each other. I feel her wetness as I slide in and out of her. I can see her pussy gripping my cock, pulling the leftover cum from me as it mixes with hers. I dab my finger into the build up of her pussy cum that’s on my cock. I rub my finger on her tongue so she can taste herself. She sucks it clean. “Mmmmm” she moaned with my finger in her mouth. As she released my finger I take another dab, rub her clit with some and then try it for myself. It was sweet and flavorful.

I put her legs on my shoulders and push into her hard making her knees touch her shoulders. “Ohhhh My God AHHHHHH AHHHHH.” She let’s out as I hit her cervix. I hold deep in her for a little. Then drive her into the mattress. Pounding her pussy deep. My crotch smacking off her thighs. She pushes back against me with her legs, I can feel them starting to shake.

I stop for a rest and she puts her feet on to my chest, her heels digging into my skin as I press my cock into her. “UH UH UH UH yeah fuck my pussy stud, AHH AHH AHH.” I can feel her pussy bear down on my cock as I feel her cum all over me. I pull out wiping some cum away with my finger and rub it on her asshole. She reaches for my cock and strokes me pulling some cum off of me. She guided me back towards her soaked gash. Slopping it around her clit. I flip one of her heels off and slide her toes into my mouth. “Mmmm Mmmm” she muffled as she put her fingers in her mouth to suck them clean. I slide right into her wet pussy. I can feel her tightness gripping me. She had some precum leaking out of me from stroking me, I can feel my balls tightening again. I suck harder on her toes. She kicks the other heel off and starts rubbing her stocking foot up and down my chest.

That was my breaking point. I feel cum leaking out of tip, I pull out and slide my cock in between her stocking and thigh. My hips buck with every shot of cum jetting out of me. It shoots up her thigh soaking her. She rubs on my cock spreading the cum around her stocking. She squeezes her thighs together gripping my cock. Her hips move when I buck, squirting the last bits of my cum. I pull away still somewhat hard, my cock soaked in cum. I go to try and slide it back into her pussy, but I slid past her taint and pushed right into her asshole.

“AHHHHHHHH” She yelled as my tip popped inside. “HOLY FUCK UHH UHH.” I pull out slowly. “Sorry I didn’t mean to, I slipped in there.” I told her giving her a kiss. “It’s ok, it’s practice for later.” She told me. “I’ve been thinking about having anal sex with you, I wanna try again. My ex boyfriend was just too rough when I tried the last time.” “Yeah you definitely need to do it slow at first.” I told her as we rolled to our sides and started spooning. “ You have to use a little lube to get things going too. Break the seal with fingers first then you have to be laying in the right position. That helps slide it in.” “Seems like you’ve done it before” she said smartly. “Yeah a couple.” I chuckled. Little did she know that a couple of my ex’s liked getting fucked in the ass. So I wasn’t that rusty on it. We laid there for a while and took a nap for about an hour.

I get up and head to the bathroom to wash up a little and get some water. Make my way downstairs for some food to recharge. I can hear her moving around upstairs. It was time to get back at.

I climb back up the stairs and into the bedroom. She’s sitting up against the head board, with just thigh highs and heels on. What a beautiful sight to see. Her long legs shimmering in the light from the nylons, the glossy heels making her feet stand out. The arches of her feet wrapped in nylon just peeking out ever so slightly. She shifts her legs back and forth showing them off for me. I lay down next to her as she drapes a leg over me and we start making out. She rubs up and down my chest with her hand, I feel her leg sliding up and down on my legs and cock. I feel myself getting hard again. She slides down on me, grabbing my cock and slipping it into her mouth. I can feel her rolling her tongue around my tip. She starts stroking me, pulling me out of her mouth, putting my cock up against her face. Smacking me lightly off the side of her face. I see her slide her heels off as she swallows me into her mouth again. Slurping away on my shaft, she deep throats me, gagging a little. After deep throating me couple more times she sits up to catch her breath. My cock pulsing a little and soaked.

She swings her legs around and puts her feet on my cock. Gripping my shaft with her toes, she starts jerking me off with her feet. “Uhh Uhh Uhh fuck yeah baby that feels good Mmm yeah.” I moaned to her. She pumps my cock a few more times then starts playing around with my balls and shaft. Caressing her nylon covered feet all over my crotch, the sole of her foot sliding softly over my shaft while she dipped the other under my balls flicking her toes at my taint. My cock reacting to this feeling, looking down I can see some precum on my tip. She grabs my rock hard cock with the soles of her feet sliding up and down on me. Her soles squeezing my cock hard, ever so often “Ahh fuckk yess UH UH UH.” I groan out.

As we look at each other, she stares back at me with a evil little smile. “Mmmm someone likes this don’t they.” She giggles a little as she strokes me a little harder with her silky nylon covered feet. As I feel my balls twinge, I look and see cum leaking out of me. “Ohh keep going babe yesss FUCK UHH UHH UHH.” I grunted and feel the rush of fluid spew from my cock. It runs all over her feet some of it landing on me. She rubs it all over me and her feet. When she finishes with my cock, she goes to clean up while I lie on the bed recovering.

I don’t know how long it was but I awake to her laying on top of me. Half of her body draped over me. “Hey you awake.” I shake her a little asking. “Yeah I’m up” as she lifts her head up towards me. We kiss for a little while, rubbing on each other, grabbing each others crotch. She rolls over the top of me, I feel her wetness on my cock as she slides her pussy over me. She keeps going till my cock was hard, then I feel myself slide inside of her.

I feel her pussy gripping my shaft as she slides up and down on me. It’s amazing that a 6 foot tall full figured women could feel like a feather on top of me. Her movements graceful but powerful. Rocking her hips into mine. Her head leaning back and forth. Her breathing picking up pace. She starts bucking a little faster. “Uh uh uh ahh ahh ahh, mmmm ahh.” She moans softly. She shifts to squat fuck my cock. “Holy shit Uh Uh Uh Uh, damn you are so sexy babe.” I tell her. “Mmmm yeah you make me feel sexy stud, Uh Uh Uh yess.” She moans back. She rides me a few more times.

I grab her and toss her to the side of me. I move in around behind her. Grabbing her hips as she slides my cock back into her waiting pussy, I start to thrust slow and deep. “Ah Ah Ah yeah baby that’s it mmmm.” She lets me know she’s enjoying it. I feel her push her ass back into me. I grab her ass and spread her cheeks open a little. I can see her pussy gripping my shaft. Her cream built up on the base of my cock. I take my thumb and start rubbing some of it on her asshole. Slipping my thumb inside of her ass, I press down till I feel my cock sliding in her pussy. ”Mmmmm yeah, I can feel you ripple in my ass like that. Oohh yeah, mmm I wanna feel all of it ah ah.” She groaned and moaned out of her.

I slow my thrusts down. I full stroke myself in and out of her. Still pressing down hard inside her ass with my thumb. I can feel her hips gyrating. I went for it. I pull out and pressed my cock tip on her asshole. “Do you wanna try it again.” I ask her. “Yeah just go slow.” She said. I put some salvia on my fingers and rub her asshole with it, and I add some more to my cock. I press my cock into her ass.

“Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh.” She yells out. As I feel the tip of my cock slide past her sphincter. I was in. I push slow. “Just keep breathing babe.” I tell her. She was tight. It felt like she was trying to push me back out or break me off. I feel her hips moving. The smooth muscle of her ass surrounding my cock. I push a little further till I’m about halfway in and wait for her ass to relax and release me.

She takes a couple breaths and I can feel her ass starting to open a little, my cock throbbing. I pull back and start to thrust, small short strokes. It starts to get easier to push into her, I thrust longer trying to bury my cock all the way in her tight ass. I spit on my cock to add a little more lubrication. Her ass was starting to get wet, I just wanted to help a little bit more. I waited for a long time to fuck her ass, so I was taking my time and trying to get it just right.

I grab her ass cheeks and spread them apart, I make some more thrusts watching my cock able to go deeper with each one. “UH UH UH UH yeah fuck, give it to me stud, Ahhh Ahhh yesss.” She let out, I can hear the ecstasy in her voice ,she was on a cloud of passion. Her body rocking with my thrusts. I pull back long and thrust back in, all the way down. My pelvic area smacking off her ass cheeks. “Ahhhh FUCK, UHH UHH UHH yesss FUCK MY ASS!”. She passionately screamed out.

Everytime I slam off her ass she keeps moaning “Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh.” She started to move her hips up and down with my thrusts, I can see she was panting like crazy. The sweat starting build on her back, I was starting to drip from my brow. We were getting hotter with each thrust I made, deep and long into her tight asshole. I can feel her starting to push back against my thrusts. Her ass swallowing my cock. I pick up speed with my thrusts, I start slamming her ass harder and harder.

Her ass smacking louder off of me. “UH UH UH UH yeah, fuck babe, Mmmmm, your ass feels so good, it’s so tight.” I say to her. As I reach up and grab some of her hair and her shoulder. As she looks back at me with a seductive look in her emerald green eyes. I can see her wincing a little bit but she tells me ”Mmmmm yeah, fuck my ass stud, Uh Uh Uh yess baby give me that cock.” I love when she talks dirty to me, it makes me pound her harder. And I did. I slam my cock as deep as I could into her ass. “Yess baby UH UH UH oh FUCK Ahh Ahh Ahh yess.” She moaned out knowing how to set me off. As my balls begin to ache I try to keep pumping away, “Uh Uh Fuck Ashley I’m going to cum. Uh Uh.” Sweat pouring down me, dripping onto her back. I grab her hips to keep thrusting, she lifts herself up towards me wrapping her arm around the back of my neck stopping my thrusts.

I reach out in front of her and grab her breasts, rubbing my hands up and down her body. My hand finds her clit. I can feel her soaked pussy as I rub her. Kissing the side of her neck she pants away while rolling her hips around on my cock. Even trying to hold back my orgasm I feel some cum leak out of me inside her ass. She gyrates her hips a couple more times then leans back down to all fours. I can’t hold back any longer. I grab her hips and slide all the way into her. “UH UH UH UH Fuck yess.” I bellow out. “Yess baby UH UH UH yeah that’s it, Cum In My Ass! Ahh Ahh yessss. Ohhhh Ffuucckk”. She calls out to me. My cock explodes inside of her ass. Pumping load after load of hot cum deep inside her ass.

I pull out slow and hear my cock “pop” out of her asshole. I see her ass gape, then it starts to pluse trying to go back to it’s original size. Some of my cum trying to make it’s way back out. While I hold my cock at the base, she spins around and grabs my cock shoving it in her mouth. Sucking the last bits of cum out of me. “Mmmm Mmm Mmm” I hear her moaning on my cock. “Mmmm yeah, that was great” I let her know. As she wipes her mouth clean and swallowing what was left in her mouth. She moves up to me giving me a look of passion with her beautiful eyes. Her face flushed red, sweat still beaded on her brow. Her breasts glistening with sweat and nipples still rock hard.

We reach and grasp each other’s body, lean our heads in and start making out. Our bodies sliding over each other with ease from the sweat. “Mmmm I enjoyed that baby. We definitely have to do that again.” lustfully she said. “Oh we will, later.” I start to say. “What do you mean later” she said a little confused. “Oh we’re not going anywhere. We’re staying right here for the rest of the night.” I tell her. “Ohh yeah, well as long you don’t hog all the blankets I guess I’ll be okay with that.” She said giggling. “Ohh bull.” I say as we lay down. “You always take too much of the blanket.”

We laid together for a while till we got a plan together for something to eat. We got up and showered together. The way she looked coming out of the shower with her hair all wet and body still moist was enough for me. I pushed her to the bed and ate her pussy till she craved for my cock. We played with each other till we both cummed. “We’ll never get to the store if we keep going like this.” I said with a chuckle to her. We finally stopped grabbing each other long enough to go get some food and other stuff to recharge.

The rest of the afternoon and evening we never put clothes back on. Except when she put her heels and thigh highs on. We had sex 5 or 6 more times and I fucked her ass every time. I didn’t even have to ask, she would just grab my cock and slide it in her ass. Once was just straight anal sex. It was the hottest thing ever. We were so spent, the one time we got done fucking, we just collapsed in the bed and didn’t wake up till 2 hours after. We never had that much sex again with each other than that day. I’ll never forget my (Anal) afternoon delight with my Amazon Queen.

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