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Karen Sex Slave

Karen was kidnapped by a gang and sold into a life of slavery Karen is a twenty – eight, year, old blond housewife, five foot five tall, with a thirty-eight, twenty -six, thirty-four figure that turned heads where, ever she went. She and her husband Jack had been married seven-year’s […]

Woman of the House F/F

Hey there. I write kink/fetish stories that usually involve humiliation, foot fetish, and one female submitting to another. I try to keep it slow-paced and relatively realistic at least at the start of each story, so it takes some time before the action starts. I really hope you like it, […]

Driving Lessons- Chapter 3

These stories are all fantasy. Don’t try to turn fantasies into reality and ruin people’s lives. Comments are always appreciated. Louis Pearson was incredibly frustrated as he pulled into his driveway. His boss, Charles, had come to him only a few hours before the end of his shift and told […]

Wedding trip

things happen on a trip to a wedding and we accidentally have a threesome The Wedding Trip Friends and I had been invited to a wedding but the problem was it was interstate and we all had to work on Friday and Monday meaning the travel time was going to […]

My Hero

It was a quiet evening until Jake heard screams from the house next door. His intervention is kindly rewarded. It was just another Saturday night. I was home alone, as usual. As I had been most nights since Carol and I broke up. I’d spent the past couple of years […]

W & Little D 02

This is a 25,000 word book broken down into seven chapters. In this second chapter, W travels to Finn’s Fetish Factory Funhouse in London. As he is waiting to see Finn, he watches a unique form of horse racing. If you read chapter one and were disappointed that there was […]

Michael to Michelle

This is the first of a series of stories that I hope to write about Michael and this is the first story that finally turns him to the Sissy life. This is the story of how I transformed from your normal straight married guy “Michael” to sissy slut “Michelle” I’ve […]