Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night


The Mandela effect gets worse At the large hadron collider in Switzerland, the scientific group was beginning their new experiment. Trying to see if they could affect the path of microwave radiation with the collider. The enormous machine powered up and dumped a frightful amount of power into a microwave […]

My Sister In-Law

My wife and her sister went bar hopping. My wife was passed out drunk, and I couldn’t resist her horny sister. Fucking My Sister In-Law Darlene’s sister, Paula (not her real name), was 28. 2 years older than Darlene and one year younger than me. Paula was a very lovely […]

Post Amateur Dramatics

Exposure to a new level. My best friend since I was about 14 is Viv, we were at the same school and lived close to one another. She is an extrovert which she inherited from her American mother, slim, blonde, blue eyes. We were both getting into boys about the […]


Do you think she’s pregnant? Alice: God, I can’t wait! I finally get to wear my three inch skirt! It came off a stuffed animal and I like wearing it around the house for fun. A pink, frilly little thing, and totally transparent. My parents wont usually let me wear […]

The Horney Heist

On a hot moonlit night, secrets, desires, and a pinch of mischief intertwine, setting the stage for a sensual night of forbidden passion. The Robbery Eric, cruised through the quiet, unsuspecting neighborhood scanning the houses, searching for signs of vulnerability for his next target. It was a hot summer night […]


When my man and I commenced having sex with a third person I used to tease him by making him watch another man lick me to orgasm, tongue fuck me, before I gave that man a blow job while my man watched and masturbated. In due course my man realized […]