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A rainy afternoon

In the summertime I like to wear shorts since I always go commando, my cock and nuts sometimes slipped out the edge of the shorts and sometimes I pull them out and let them hang because it is more comfortable. My wife is always telling me to tuck them away […]

Brotherly Love (Part 2)

The brothers fun and girls ordeal is continued. Just as promised. Young Beth and Carol are in a world of hurt. Can mummy save them?? ” Oh, Beth. I hate your Mark. He’s a fucking evil bastard. He hurt me. My fanny is still sore!!” Wails the young cute Carol. […]

She didn’t expect me

Olivia-a 14 year old with tight pussy and a great figure- doesn’t expect what Justin- a 25 year old with a 13″ sick and muscular- does to her rape Olivia was walking home from school that just got out. Her parents were on a 10 day cruise. They left Olivia […]

A Special Family

It happened some time ago right after my divorce. I was at a party and was introduced to a woman a few years younger than me. She was fairly average looking, nice but not huge tits, firm ass but what really got my attention was the red hair, freckles and […]

Hot Mama 4

Charles and Cindy take new strides into their sexual desires The next day as Charles walked downstairs for breakfast, once again he saw his mother standing cooking food, yet this time just in a pair of panties that looked a bit too small for her, but he sure wasn’t going […]