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Mom connects her young son with her mature friend who is a real estate agent, and they end up doing much more than just look at houses. HOT PROPERTY “I think I’d like to buy a house,” Cody said, surprising his parents. He’d stopped over their house for dinner like […]

Beach sex with Emma

Sexy masturbation material… Finally, junior year was over and summer had arrived. I was officially a senior now! I had so many plans for the summer. My friends and I already had tickets to a bunch of summer concerts. We planned on spending our days at the local amusement parks […]

Getting Caught

Me and Emma had been fooling around for years however we finally get caught and her husband Marcus decides on multiple forms of punishment and revenge. Critique is welcome and if there is enough attention for this I’ll write a part 2. He seemed to rise in anger, his figure […]

Gallons of Semen

My stories are available to be turned into hentai. Please, I’m begging you. Tina hits a switch. It activates an electrical signal through a head piece, giving her friend an orgasm. Violet’s cock stiffens and erupts in seconds. Spewing cum on the floor. Unable to do anything but float there, […]