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Bad Seed 11

Bad Family Wren was working with Trigon on the trans-warp, they had already managed to reduce the time to activation an hour. Though this was good Wren wanted to make sure they could jump if they needed to. She kept tabs on her brother’s ship and the small horde that […]

The Nine Italians

I’m her husband and this is a true true story that took place when she was 20 years old. It took place over a 40 hour period. It included my wife and 9 Italian sailors from a visiting Italian ship. she described the events several years later. when I confronted […]

Slut wife 6

The slut continues her slutty ways, mixing work and home life. Slut wife 6 Please read the previous episodes for this to make sense and please leave comments about what should happen to the slut next. Sarah’s car ride home was a blur for her as she kept going over […]

Slut wife 7

direct continuation from part 6 Slut wife 7: Memories cause trouble The ride back to her car was filled with licking, sucking and deepthroating her bosses cock. As she wrapped her lips around his pole he told her how happy he was with her “work” today and he would garuntee […]