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The Beginning

A night in the van with Mary, who would guess After my first divorce and before Mary, I spent many Christmases in a local bar. As usual, the regulars were there. I guess we all had our personal reasons for being there. I’m sure mine was probably not much different […]

Penny’s Oral Exam 04

Penny takes her Oral Exam and demonstrates what she learned from her Daddy, taking one step closer to becoming a submissive slave wife. “Penny! Over here!” Shannon Labo was waving at Penny as much as she could. She was smiling widely, her dyed red hair tied up into two pigtails […]


Every character in this story is 18 “You look beautiful,” Steven told the young bride whose eyes strained to look up at him through the white veil. His dick was to the hilt inside her mouth, a tight seal that even drool could not escape. “She really does,” said Daniel, […]

Allison Is Working Overtime

Every character in this story is 18 “Maybe Allison should give everyone blowjobs!” Allison’s eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. This was the most offensive thing she had ever heard and she wasn’t standing in a bar with drunk perverts; this was the meeting room of a respectable company. […]

Weekend with Daniel part 1

Please leave me some feedback and if you want to read the 2nd part. Weekend with Daniel ————————————– This is a story of fiction and fantasy. If it comes true I would be ecstatic. Thanks for reading and be positive and kind with your remarks. ————————————– I decided that it […]